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quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

The Singers Inc. - Bossa Nova! (1963)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 02 de janeiro 2007.

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This is a nice record that is only here because I got amazed with this cover on Caetano's Bossa Nova book and I could track it down for Loronixers. In my opinion one of the greatest cover I have ever seen, very representative, with someone throwing away some records in favor of our lovely Bossa Nova, very funny.

Meet, The Singers Inc. - Bossa Nova! (1963), for Valiant, as people use to say, very groovy and nice vocals by George Tipton, Ian Feebairn-Smith, Perry Botkin Jr., James Bryant (The Singers Inc.), backed by Howard Roberts (guitar), Don Shelton (sax), Lyle Ritz (bass) and Larry Bunker, Milt Holland, Jerry Williams, Emil Richards, Chico Guerrero (percussion). Let's wait for Loronixers’ feedback on this release.
Tracks include:

01 - Liebestraum
02 - You Stepped out of a Dream
03 - Volare
04 - Where or When
05 - In a Little Spanish Town
06 - What you Come Home, Bill Baily
07 - Ja-Da
08 - Could Have Danced all Night
09 - Bye Bye Blues
10 - Man'selle
11 - So Rare
12 - Baubles, Bangles and Beads

4 Reply to "The Singers Inc. - Bossa Nova! (1963)"

Mickey on Tuesday, 02 January, 2007

These are top Hollywood studio musicians from the sixties. Cult musicians.You know how to surprise.


zecalouro on Wednesday, 03 January, 2007

Hey Mickey,
Glad to know that, my enchantment was with the cover. Thanks.
Hope you enjoy this.

Cheers, zecalouro

Charlie on Thursday, 04 January, 2007

Great fun! Thanks for all your work! Loronix is my favorite blog of all time.
Cha-cha, Twist, and Mambo were all fads in the USA, and they considered Bossa the "latest thing". A historical cover. Cheers.

zamurozien on Thursday, 04 January, 2007

"... Já dancei o twist até demais. Mas não sei, me cansei do calipso ao chá chá chá
Só danço samba, só danço samba, vai, vai, vai, vai, vai..."
Great cover that stages one of my favourite Bossa Nova songs ever.
Thanks zeca, you are really great.

Your friend.

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