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domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

Jadir de Castro - Jadir no Samba (1962)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 10 de janeiro 2007.

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I was challenged today by our friend Francesca to present a good "vintage Batucada LP", according with her own words. Just want to say that there are several batucadas available at Loronix archives. What are the archives? Easy, the archives are a series of links on the right side of your screen that will lead you to the old Loronix posts, they are organized by weeks, so pick up a week and you will see several other LPs. This tip is not for you, Francesca; it is for all Loronixers that recently joined us.

I will try to please everybody with an album that has a great cover, let's see. This is Jadir de Castro - Jadir no Samba (1962), for Pawal, the debut LP of this Brazilian drummer and percussionist and also composer of several songs, including the legendary Samba do TelecoTeco. Jadir de Castro had an active international career in the 50's being also an actor in some movies and inventor of some original percussion instruments, as you can see in the cover, he mixes standard drumming with Afro percussion.

Tracks include:

01 - Lição de Baião (Jadir de Castro / Daniel Marechal)
02 - Josepha (Jadir de Castro / Julio Pamies)
03 - Pourquoi (Jadir de Castro / Caco Velho)
04 - Baratin (Jadir de Castro)
05 - Samba do Ziriguidum (Jadir de Castro / Luis Bittencourt)
06 - O Vento Contou de Nós (Hércio Expedicto / Laércio Vieira)
07 - Percussão (Jadir de Castro)
08 - Imbraúna (Jadir de Castro / Nena Caboclo)
09 - Pescando Robalo (Octacilio T. de Castro / José M. Pinto)
10 - Jadir no Samba (Jadir de Castro)
11 - Ao Chegar Em Lisboa (Jadir de Castro / Édison Marinho)
12 - Samba na Passarela (Luis Gonçalves / Nilton Valle / A. Lima)

5 Reply to "Jadir de Castro - Jadir no Samba (1962)"

the jazzman on Wednesday, 10 January, 2007

Compared to.......?
Compared to all the other Blogs that offer music Zeca is "the Man". His presentation makes others pale by comparison. His scans of covers (done in the bathroom no less) are incredible as are his personal notes and listing of the tracks. Who else goes this far? Only Zeca. Bravo Zeca.
I'm not familiar with this album but downloaded it solely because of Zeca's comments.
One final note....I learned "canudo" from friends in Rio after years of making a swishing sound from my mouth when a drink was served without a straw. Ahhhhh! for the days at Jazzmania.

Anonymous on Thursday, 11 January, 2007
jadiR é uma pancada!!

Beto on Friday, 12 January, 2007
Yet another "samba" album by bossa cats... and you call it batucada? Where are the REAL sambas and batucadas ZECA?
This album is good, but like most of the other albums of this time that use the term "samba" or "batucada", this is hardly so...
Even the album Paulinho Baterista - Batucada - Escola de Samba da Cidade e Paulinho e Sua Bateria (1961) shows some token black musicians on the cover, but then delivers another neo-samba/bossa album attempting to show the "batucada"...
Que pena, todo dia eu procuro discos de samba aqui, e sempre encontro o que? Mais bossa!

Anonymous on Wednesday, 01 August, 2007
I knew Seu Jadir and his german wife. I was a friend of his sons in my childhood. I never heard anything about Seu Jadir compositions until now.
Thanks Zeca. That was more than provide good music, that was remembering unknown facts about my best years.

Anonymous on Wednesday, 01 August, 2007
By the way, he is also known as Jadir Teixeira de Castro.

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