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terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2011

Hermeto Pascoal & Sadao Watanabe - Live Under The Sky, Tokyo 1979

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 15 de setembro 2006.
Link para "Full Story" incluido.

This was a task force to accomplish, the acclaimed Hermeto Pascoal presentation at the Watanabe Sadao Night, Den-en Colosseum, Tokyo, Japan (1979).

Live Under the Sky (1979) was a series of concerts held from 25 to 29 July, 1979. The first date was "The Brazilian Night", featuring Elis Regina and Hermeto Pascoal with the guest appearance of Sadao Watanabe. The last date was "The Sadao Watanabe Night", featuring Sadao Watanabe backed by Hermeto Pascoal.


Hermeto Pascoal (keyboards, flute),
Sadao Watanabe (sax),
Jovino Santos Neto (keyboards),
Itiberê Zwarg (bass), Nenê (drums),
Pernambuco and Zabele (percussion).

The audience was startled at the idiosyncratic look and ultra-sensational music by a Brazilian genius named Hermeto Pascoal. He looked as an eye-opener to our man Sadao Watanabe, too; they played together for the first time and Sadao got a big surprise from Pascoal's remarkable talent. At the same time, Sadao's playing and personality naturally impressed Pascoal, and the two eventually ended up having a hot, respectful conversation. The following text is the conversation that took place on July 29th, right after their stage entitled "the Watanabe Sadao Night". (Reported by Takemura Jun for Swing Journal).
Here is the Full Story.

01 - Japanese Radio Intro
02 - Birds (Sadao Watanabe)
03 - Just Crusin' (Sadao Watanabe)
04 - Manhã De Carnaval (Luiz Bonfa)
05 - Samba Em Praia (Sadao Watanabe)
06 - Radio introduction by DJ Kobayashi Katsuya
07 - Samba Do Marcos (Sadao Watanabe)
08 - Serenade (Sadao Watanabe)
09 - Jegue (Hermeto Pascoal)
10 - California Shower (Sadao Watanabe)
11 - Improvisation

This is a muscle download - 216Mb - Hermeto Pascoal & Sadao Watanabe - Live Under the Sky - Den-en Colosseum, Tokyo, Japan (1979), at Loronix, here.

Hope uEnjoy!


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edm disse...

Hello, any chance of having this available again?
I have a lossless recording of the "Live Under The Sky'79" brazilian night if you're interested.

Martoni disse...

Hi edm, thanks for visiting my blog.
The link was fixed.

Leon D disse...

I just tried it unsuccesfully twice :(

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Link is broken =(

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Hoi Berencio,

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Tentei agora baixar o arquivo, funcionou sem problemas

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