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terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2012

Lina Pesce – Concerto em Ritmo (1963)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 11 de setembro 2007.
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Let’s make a very different Para Dancar release today, pretty sophisticated by the way, featuring a Brazilian pianist and composer never introduced to Loronixers. I’m talking about Lina Pesce, perhaps the beautiful woman on this great cover artwork, but I’m not sure of it. Lina Pesce and Carolina Cardoso de Menezes are very similar artists, with Carolina being more identified as an instrumentalist while Lina Pesce as composer. Let’s see.

This is Lina Pesce – Concerto em Ritmo (1963), for Columbia, featuring orchestra with direction by Maestro Lyrio Panicalli. The second album recorded by Lina Pesce for Columbia, being the first dedicated to Lina Pesce compositions and Concerto em Ritmo, Lina Pesce renditions to classic music in Para Dancar style, both albums with orchestra directed by Lyrio Panicalli. I’m tracking down the first, it will be nice to hear Lina Pesce piano and Lyrio Panicalli orquestra playing Lina Pesce repertoire.

Tracks include:

01 – Balada Nº 2 (Franz Liszt)
02 – Panorama (De “A Bela Adormecida”) (Tchaikovsky)
03 – Tema (De “Rapsódia Sobre Um Tema de Paganini”) (Rachmaninoff)
04 – Tema do Concerto Em Mi Menor Op 11 (Frederic Chopin)
05 – Valsa (De “O Lago dos Cisnes”) (Tchaikovsky)
06 – Tema de “Giselle” (Adam)
07 – Estudo Nº 12 Em Dó Menor Op 10 Nº 12 (Revolucionário) (Frederic Chopin)
08 – Valsa Nº 2 Em Lá Bemol Maior Op 34 Nº 1 (Frederic Chopin)
09 – Adágio (De “A Bela Adormecida”) (Tchaikovsky)
10 – Tema de “Don Quixote” (Minkus)
11 – Estudo Em Mi Maior Op 10 Nº 3 (Frederic Chopin)
12 – Valsa Nº 10 Em Si Menor Op 69 Nº 2 (Frederic Chopin

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Marco Antonio Bernardo said…
A mulher da capa deste “Concerto em Ritmo” trata-se de uma modelo, não de Lina Pesce, cuja foto aparece na capa de seu LP anterior na Columbia, intitulado “Valsas Bem Brasileiras”, de 1961, que, por sinal, mereceria ser postado neste prestigioso blog.
Sunday, 18 January, 2009


José Luciano – José Luciano, Seu Piano, Seu Ritmo (1957)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 09 de setembro 2007.
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Hello, Good Evening! Yesterday I was talking about statistics, numbers and how this parrot was a big fan of these things. I think I’m not alone on this. There is a page view counter on Loronix right sidebar that reached 1,000,000 page views today. I was not home and by the time I arrived, my mailbox was full of congratulations messages for such thing.

Thanks, it is nice how friends like these numbers, specially Martoni, on a way I don’t know how could capture the exact time the counter was showing 1,000,000. Thanks, Martoni, your screen capture is now part of my gallery.

Martoni: zeca esta falando de 1.000.000, mas nesta data Loronix chegou em 1.500.000 hits.

Anyway, the show must go on and I want to start today addressing many requests from the fans of Para Dancar style, they complain that I did not release the style in the last days. Let’s see.

This is Jose Luciano – Jose Luciano, Seu Piano, Seu Ritmo (1957), for Copacabana, the first out of three albums released by the Brazilian pianist Jose Luciano for Copacabana titled “Seu Piano, Seu Ritmo”. The first thing that comes to my mind when looking at this album and this cover artwork is to understand how such, how can I say, “sexy” cover is released in 1957. You should agree that this girl is really ahead of the “standards” of that time. Jose Luciano performs a repertoire of Sambas based on Brazilian and international standards.

Tracks include:

01 – Tarde Demais (José Luciano)
02 – Conceição (Jair Amorim / Dunga)
03 – Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (Paul Francis Webster / S. Fain)
04 – Pois É (Ataulfo Alves)
05 – Crepúsculo de Amor (Vicente Paiva / Lita Rodrigues)
06 – Teus Olhos Entendem os Meus (Haroldo Eiras / Victor Berbara)
07 – Brasília (José Luciano / Mário Flávio) – Amar Outra Vez (M. Stoloff / G. Sidney)
08 – Quintandinha (Djalma Ferreira)
09 – So In Love (Cole Porter)
10 – Canção da Volta (Antônio Maria / Ismael Netto)
11 – Dancing In The Dark (A. Schwartz / H. Dietz)
12 – Dó-ré-mi (Fernando César)
13 – Sinfonia Verde Amarelo (Pernambuco)

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sábado, 28 de julho de 2012

MPB-4 – De Palavra... em Palavra… (1971)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 08 de setembro 2007.
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I don’t have info available on Loronixers feedback to MPB-4; perhaps we did not release many albums or made wrong choices. I hope this one corrects any gaps Loronix has with this really important Brazilian vocal group. Thanks to Marcia Webber for showing zecalouro the way to this album, for sure one of the best ones released by MPB-4. I spoke with Caetano about this album and he gave an enthusiastic feedback, which is something that Caetano only gives to the ones that really deserves.

This is MPB-4 – De Palavra… em Palavra… (1971), for Elenco. I’m only disappointed for not having additional information on this session that had Roberto Menescal playing the role of Production Director. The back cover also credits Magro as arranger, but it is not specific if he is also in charge of instrumental arrangements. The repertoire is beautiful, with songs that will keep inside your head after a first hearing.

Tracks include:


(voice, arrangements)




(*) Daniella Thompsom’s findings on personnel is available at comments section.
Thanks Daniella!

Track List

01 – De Palavra Em Palavra (Miltinho / Maurício Tapajós / Paulo César Pinheiro)
02 – Cravo e Canela (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos)
03 – Recado (Sergio Mello / Dalton Medeiros)
04 – Mudei de Idéia (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)
05 – Pois É Pra Que (Sidney Miller)
06 – Eu Cheguei Lá (Dorival Caymmi)
07 – Minha História (Gesubambino) (Dalla / Pallotino / Vrs. Chico Buarque)
08 – Maria das Dores (Maurício Tapajós / Mauro Duarte)
09 – O Cafona (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
10 – A Vila e a Vida (Silvio da Silva Júnior / Aldir Blanc)
11 – Valsinha (Chico Buarque / Vinicius de Moraes)
12 – Confirmação (Ruy Quaresma / Tarcisio Cardoso / Ailton Quaresma)

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Anonymous said…
Nice, Zeca. I´ll check this out. Thanks a lot for posting. Greetz,
Saturday, 08 September, 2007

joaocozac said…
A nice lp.
Just to think…
Saturday, 08 September, 2007

zecalouro said…joaocozac,
Funny. The ultimate list of file sharing services.
Ok! Just tell me. What is your problem with Rapidshare?
Cheers, zeca
Saturday, 08 September, 2007

pawlyshyn said…I think the version of O Cafona is pretty cool. The original is a wah-wah-guitar-laced rocker, so I was wondering how they were going to handle it. But what would you say the musical style is? Sounds vaguely Caribbean, rather than Brasilian.
Saturday, 08 September, 2007

joaocozac said…
Nothing against rapidshare, but I waste about 2 hours between 2 different downloads and everybody likes to use it when upload their archives.
It’s not very good for free users.
Saturday, 08 September, 2007

Anonymous said…Hi Zeca,
wonderful recording and highly recommended.
Good quality, relaxing and timeless music.
By the way: I don’t have any problems with Rapidshare.
Greetings! Woody
Sunday, 09 September, 2007

Marcia Weber said…Maravilhoso, Zeca
Mil Beijos
Monday, 10 September, 2007

Daniella Thompson said…I posted the musicians’ list in
Wednesday, 07 January, 2009

300 Discos:
Pra quem não tem acesso a um leitor de News, aqui está o post da Daniella:

Daniella Thompson Post reply 1/7/09
It’s taken over a month to get the answer, because Aquiles forwarded
the question to Magro, who took his time listening to the album and
remembering who the musicians were. He’s still not absolutely sure
about all of them, so he sent his list to Miltinho, who hasn’t replied yet.
But Magro (who arranged all the vocals and instrumentals on the album
except for track 5, “Pois é, pra que?”), has sent me his provisional
list, which he’ll update should there be any errors.
Ashok is probably back to his rural India home and not reading this,
but for the record, these are the musicians in the MPB-4 album ‘De
Palavra em Palavra’ (1971):
Piano – José Roberto Bertrami
Bass in tracks 1 & 9 – Alexandre Malheiros
Drums in tracks 1 & 9 – Ivan Conti “Mamão”
7-string guitar – Dino Sete Cordas
6-string guitar in track 1 – Miltinho
12-string guitar – José Menezes
Electric guitar – José Menezes
Electric guitar in track 10 – Daudeth Azevedo “Neco”
Cavaquinho – Daudeth Azevedo “Neco”
Flute – Celso Woltzenlogel & Jorginho da Flauta
Not 100% certain, but most probable:
6-string guitar in all the other tracks – Daudeth Azevedo “Neco”
Bass in all the other tracks – Alexandre Malheiros
Drums in all the other tracks – Ivan Conti “Mamão”
“Pois é, pra que?” was arranged by Roberto Menescal.



sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2012

Sergio Ricardo & Lindolfo Gaya – Esse Mundo e Meu (OST) (1965)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 20 de dezembro 2006.
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This is a Caetano Rodrigues contribution that was waiting for a chance for a several weeks. Blame it on zecalouro for it. He kept on secret a wonderful and very hard to find LP, anyway, Christmas is coming and maybe he wants to release the some nice surprises to celebrate.

Meet, Sergio Ricardo & Lindolfo Gaya – Esse Mundo E Meu (OST) (1965), for Forma as FM-5. The collectors use to know by heart the identification code from the record labels that they like most, such as: ME-XX for Elenco, MOFB XXXX for Odeon, etc.

I never had a request for this FM-5 OST, which is really surprising.
Esse Mundo E Meu is black and white movie picture directed by Sergio Ricardo that follows two men living in a Rio de Janeiro slum: a black shoe-shiner and a white mill worker. I never saw this movie and perhaps it is not available on DVD or VHS, but the soundtrack is nice with Sergio Ricardo compositions and Lindolfo Gaya arrangements.


Sérgio Ricardo
acoustic guitar (3,4,8)
voice (4,6,8)
harmônica (2,5,9,10)

Wilson das Neves

Irany Pinto


Edson Maciel

Waldemar Moura




Nicolino Cópia

Tracks include:

01 – Cabocla Jandira (Lindolfo Gaya)
02 – Sonho (Sergio Ricardo / Lindolfo Gaya)
03 – Chorinho da Barbearia (Sergio Ricardo)
04 – Nem Fome (Sergio Ricardo)
05 – Tempestade (Lindolfo Gaya)
06 – Pregão (Sergio Ricardo)
07 – Oxalá Meu Pai (Lindolfo Gaya)
08 – Esse Mundo É Meu (Sergio Ricardo)
09 – Tempestade (II) (Lindolfo Gaya)
10 – Cabocla Jandira (Lindolfo Gaya)

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JOSÉ LUÍS-SANTOS/SP on Thursday, 21 December, 2006


quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012

Turibio Santos – Villa Lobos (1971)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 05 de setembro 2007.
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Hello, Good Evening! I was browsing past statistics today and I noticed those few classical music albums releases in the past month had a great interest of our community.

I’m talking about Encontro, the collaboration between Clara Sverner, Turibio Santos, Paulo Moura and Olivia Byington, Turibio Santos first LP for Caravelle and Maria Lucia Godoy, O Canto da Amazonia with Neco’s guitar.

The numbers are really surprising with Maria Lucia Godoy and Turibio Santos being the leaders. Let’s make Loronix goes classical again.

This is Turibio Santos – Villa Lobos (1971), for MIS and issued by RCA Victor, the second Turibio Santos tribute to the Brazilian Maestro Heitor Villa Lobos, recorded in Paris. This is a truly beautiful record, Side A has Turibio Santos accompanied by Orquestra de Camara Jean-Francois Paillard, featuring flute, oboe, sax, celesta and harp, performing Sexteto Mistico, composed by Villa Lobos in 1917. Side B is Turibio Santos guitar performing alone five Villa Lobos preludios. It is hard to say which is the nicest side, but I had a slight preference for Side B, it is very nice to hear Turibio Santos performing alone. I urge Loronixers to feedback this release using comments section.

Tracks include:


Turibio Santos

Orquestra de Camara Jean-Francois Paillard

Maxence Larrieu

Lucien Debray

Henri-Rene Pollin

Turibio Santos

Francois-Joel Thiolljer

Lily Laskine

Jean-Francois Paillard

Track List

01 – Concerto Para Violão & Pequena Orquestra (Villa-Lobos)
01 – Alegro Preciso
01 – Andantino
01 – Andante
01 – Cadenza
01 – Allegro Non Troppo
02 – Prelúdios (Villa-Lobos)
02 – Nº 1 em Mi Menor
02 – Nº 2 em Mi Maior
02 – Nº 3 em Lá Menor
02 – Nº 4 em Mi Menor
02 – Nº 5 em Ré Maior

5 Comentários originais:

Lekuer said…Gracias por este Post. Turibio Santos es un gran maestro de la escuela guitarristica Brasilera. Enorme placer de poder escuchar sus versiones Gracias!!
Thursday, 06 September, 2007

Brian from Ohio, USA said…Zeca-
I really enjoyed this one.Is there much Brazilian-influenced classical out there?
Thursday, 06 September, 2007

zecalouro said…Hello,
Brazilian-influenced classical here? The answer is yes. There are many. However, I’m not versed on this subject. I think it is better keep my pickings on a “safe zone” with Villa, Turibio and others.
The surprise of the day was a great find, another MIS LP of Maria Lucia Godoy. Do not miss her first release, one of my favorites.
Cheers, zeca
Thursday, 06 September, 2007

GT Spoon said…Zeca- Thank you for this post. I haven’t heard any Villa-Lobos before, but the name is familiar to me. Excellent listening. Ask your helper Loronix to post more….
Sunday, 09 September, 2007

Anonymous said…
Pleasant surprise! I have these albums on cassettes recorded by my guitar teacher. The cassettes have worn thin with time, so your transfers are most welcome, as I come back to these recordings regularly.
Question: Side 1 of the album has only 5 MP3 files, and there are 6 on the cover of the album. The last part of the concerto and the first part of the sextet are both “Allegro non troppo”. Is there a mistake?
Thanks very much,
Pawel Skalinski
Warsaw, Poland
Monday, 24 November, 2008


Tema 3 – Madrugada 1:30 (1969)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 04 de setembro 2007.
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Hello, Good Evening! moos never stops amazing me. His great passion to the Music from Brazil and the work he is doing on improving his ripping and image processing skills makes me feel very proud of having moos as our great friend. He sent this fantastic album using the Mail Big File icon and just wrote a message with no signature. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m quite sure this LP came from moos. If I’m wrong, please correct me. If I’m right, moos, say hello, please.

This is Tema 3 – Madrugada 1:30 (1969), for Equipe, following the very nice Tema Tres – Tema 3 (1966), for Atonal. Release date is uncertain (*** not anymore,
Justin sent the correct date on comments section) but it was probably released in 1967 or 1968. Tema 3 is lead by the Brazilian pianist and maestro Gilson Peranzzetta, credited as Gilson Peranz by Equipe. The trio also features Luiz Roberto (bass) and Atayde (drums) with the special guest, arranger and violao player Alberto Arantes. I’m not sure if the bassist Luiz Roberto is the same from Os Cariocas, this is something that Loronixers can confirm on comments. Several others musicians are credited as special guests on some tracks, you can check the full listing inside the music. Thanks moos, you are a great finder.

Tracks include:


Gilson Peranz

Luiz Roberto


Track List

01 – Andança (Danilo Caymmi / Paulinho Tapajós / Edmundo Souto)
02 – Grão de Café (Luis Bonfá)
03 – Walk On By (David / Burt Bacharach)
04 – Ela Vem de Volta (Roberto Neves)
05 – Sabiá (Chico Buarque / Tom Jobim)
06 – Zond 5 (Gilson Peranz / Luis Cardoso)
07 – The Fool On The Hill (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
08 – Samarina (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar)
09 – Trem da Manhã Branca (Norival Reis / Jorge Duarte)
10 – Afro (Alberto Arantes)
11 – Amazonas (João Donato)
12 – Watch What Happens (M. Legrant)

4 Comentários originais:

J Thyme…kind said…1969
Tuesday, 04 September, 2007

Moos said…Hi Zeca,
Glad you like it too, Personaly I got thrilled by Gilson Perazzetta’s piano playing, very nice.
Wednesday, 05 September, 2007

joaocozac said…
Why don’t you use another file keeper?
Friday, 07 September, 2007

zecalouro said…Hello joaocozac,
Good question, the current file keeper is the best available so far on any given criteria, from my perspective and also from Loronixers perspective.
I’m sure I could not make it as it is today with another provider.
Cheers, zeca
Friday, 07 September, 2007


quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2012

Lindolfo Gaya – Carlos Machado Apresenta, Rio de 400 Janeiros (1965)

Rio de 400 Janeiros

Jean de Léry que aqui estêve nos tempos de Villegainon e foi o primeiro que se ocupou com a música da terra carioca, conta, num livro publicada em França, em 1557, que durante duas horas, ouviu seiscentos índios cantando afinados e com tanta arte que o deixaram entusiasmado.
Depois, com os portuguêses, vieram as violas. E com as violas o amor, o ciúme e a saudade.
Da Africa chegaram os negros. E com êles todo um instrumental típico que se fixou nos nossos usos e costumes. De tudo isto se pode dizer que a História do Rio de Janeiro caminha através de lundús, fados, chôros, modinhas, maxixes, sambas, numa rapsódia de sentimentos, esperanças e ambições.
O jeito encontrado para apresentar, num show, a História do Rio de Janeiro foi contá-la não através de estórias mas atraves de canções.
As palavras de Estácio de Sá dirigindo-se ao Rei Dom Manuel, em 1565, parecem escritas para serem ditas com música; - “assim te vejo, ó cidade, raínha do nosso Empório e das Riquezas do Mundo”.
Alguns anos depois, o Rio de Janeiro já era um cancioneiro vivo. Cantou o povo quando a cidade foi elevado á categoria de capital do reino do Brasil. Vibrou, em hinos triunfais, com a chegada da côrte, da Rainha Dona Maria e do Príncipe Regente. Nos tempos do I.° Império cantou com malícia os lundús que imortalizaram uma era de galanteria e de amor. Das europas veio a valsa que, de nobre, se aburguezou e depois se amorenou virando valsa de esquina. E vieram os hinos da liberdade. E veio a República. Veio o sêculo XX.

E foi de aí, de todo êsse passado de ritmos e de melodias, que nasceu, em côres, em figuras, em luz, numa hora espetáculo, esta epopéia de uma cidade que tem por título Rio de 400 janeiros.

Janeiro de 1965

(Texto da contracapa do disco).

Este album foi originalmente postado no Loronix em 12 de dezembro 2006.
0 Comentários originais incluídos.

Hello, Good Night! This LP is the original soundtrack of a Musical number directed by Carlos Machado and performed in 1965 at The Golden Room of Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Correct me if I’m wrong, but LPs from the 60′s with OST are not common, which makes this a wonderful pick.

This is Lindolfo Gaya – Carlos Machado Apresenta, Rio de 400 Janeiros (1965), for Elenco. The last Os Cariocas release, Rio de Quatrocentas Bossas is in the same “spirit” of this one, the celebration of the 400 anniversary of Rio de Janeiro. I’m not sure how hard to find is this LP, but it is one of the most classy and produced Elenco release, beautiful cover artwork with a painting of an early Rio de Janeiro by Rugendas. Front cover and back cover are included in HI-RES. Special attention for the last track, Cidade Maravilhosa, it is the hymn of Rio de Janeiro City.

Tracks include:

01 – “Bossa Nova” — Garota de Ipanema (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) — Blues Walk (C. Brown)
02 – Maxixe (Lindolfo Gaya)
03 – Samba do Avião (Tom Jobim)
04 – “Medlley Carmen Miranda” — O Que É Que a Baiana Tem (Dorival Caymmi) — Taí (Joubert de Carvalho) — Diz Que Tem (Vicente Paiva / Haníbal Cruz) — Good Bye Boy (Assis Valente)
05 – Valsa Debret (Lindolfo Gaya)
06 – Rio (Ary Barroso)
07 – Praça do Século XVII (Lindolfo Gaya / Chianca de Garcia)
08 – “Escola de Samba” — Tiradentes (Estanislau Silva / Décio Carlos / Penteado) — Chica da Silva (Anescar do Salgueiro / Noel Rosa de Oliveira) — Lá Vem Portela (Billy Blanco) — Exaltação à Mangueira (Enéas Brites da Silva / Aloísio Augusto da Costa)
09 – Polka (Lindolfo Gaya)
10 – Calendário (Vicente Paiva / Chianca de Garcia)
11 – Seresta Imperial (Lindolfo Gaya / Chianca de Garcia)
12 – Cidade Maravilhosa (André Filho)

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Lindolfo Gaya – Gaya (1970)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 05 de setembro 2007.
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Maestro Lindolfo Gaya is without a doubt one of the greatest arrangers of Brazilian popular music. Most of the albums available at Loronix has Lindolfo Gaya as collaborator as arranger, producer and mainly by the years he was in service of Odeon and RCA Victor as Musical Director. In the other hand, Gaya solo albums are not well represented at Loronix, with a few exceptions.

Let’s start gathering Maestro Gaya solo albums, this is the first, very different from what is expected by we use to know by him.

This is Lindolfo Gaya – Gaya (1970), for Odeon. I’ve been wondering today what Maestro Gaya and Odeon had in mind to release this album. It is very similar, or even based on the acclaimed Jose Briamonte – Briamonte Orchestra (1970), for Elenco, released in the same year and with the same concept of dancing orchestration with female chorus on top of blockbusters. Additionally, both albums share two tracks, Airport Love Theme and Tema de Cristina. Anyway, if you are a fan of Maestro Gaya, member of the legion of Briamonte Orchestra appreciators and also in the mood of a Erlon Chaves with Banda Veneno album, this is the flawless pick.

Tracks include:

01 – Viagem (Taiguara)
02 – Airport Love Theme (A. Newmann)
03 – Let It Be (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
04 – Tema de Cristina (José Briamonte)
05 – Reflections Of My Life (Campbell / McAleese)
06 – Yellow River (J. Christi)
07 – Close To You (H. David / Burt Bacharach)
08 – Marilyn’s Theme (V. Gambella / G. Brown)
09 – Something (George Harrison)
10 – Serenade In Blue (H. Waeen / M. Gordon)

1 Comentários originais:

Anonymous said…
Thanks for this one!
Thursday, 06 September, 2007


segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2012

Varios Artistas – Bossa Nova 25 Anos (1983)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 02 de setembro 2007.
Comentários originais incluídos.

I’m reposting this album in attention to new Loronixers that should take it as an introductory Bossa Nova record, showing in a glance important Bossa Nova tunes performed by renowned artists. Additionally, cover artwork is upgraded — front and back covers were missing when first issued at Loronix — and the music, with major improvements on quality, including the FLAC files alternative.

Bossa Nova 25 Anos was released as a marketing initiative of Coca Cola Beverage Company in Brazil, never made available commercially.

This is Bossa Nova 25 Anos (1983), featuring Elizeth Cardoso, Joao Gilberto, Sylvia Telles, Sergio Ricardo, Agostinho dos Santos, Carlos Lyra, Baden Powell, Tamba Trio, Astrud Gilberto, Stan Getz, Elis Regina, Johnny Alf and Tom Jobim. Self-explanatory album and one of the best Bossa Nova compilations I had the chance to know.

Tracks include:

The Performers:

Elizeth Cardoso
Joao Gilberto
Sylvia Telles
Sergio Ricardo
Agostinho dos Santos
Carlos Lyra
Baden Powell
Tamba Trio
Astrud Gilberto
Stan Getz
Elis Regina
Johnny Alf
Antonio Carlos Jobim

Track List

01 – Chega de Saudade – Elizeth Cardoso
02 – Desafinado – João Gilberto
03 – Samba de Uma Nota Só – Silvinha Telles
04 – Zelão – Sergio Ricardo
05 – O Barquinho – João Gilberto
06 – Manhã de Carnaval – Agostinho dos Santos
07 – Influência do Jazz – Carlos Lyra
08 – Berimbau – Baden Powell
09 – Sonho de Maria – Tamba Trio
10 – Garota de Ipanema – Astrud Gilberto / Stan Getz / João Gilberto
11 – Arrastão – Elis Regina
12 – Eu e a Brisa – Johnny Alf
13 – Águas de Março – Tom Jobim / Elis Regina

3 Comentários originais:

Anonymous said…
Tuesday, 13 February, 2007

Anonymous said…
Por favor mate minha curiosidade, na foto da direita abaixo, quem é a segunda moça da esquerda para a direita? Ao lado de Silvia Telles, seria Marisa Gata Mansa? Depois Alaíde Costa e Dolores Duran. Que foto linda!
Saturday, 17 February, 2007

zecalouro said…
Eu acredito que seja a Marisa. Não tenho como checar essa informação agora.
Falando nisso, se você fizer o download das músicas, encontrará essa foto ampliada em alta resolução. É de fato linda. Vale a pena.
Abraços, zeca
Saturday, 17 February, 2007


Ed Lincoln – Ed Lincoln (1968)

Ed Lincoln (Eduardo Lincoln Barbosa de Sabóia)
31 de maio 1932 - 16 de julho 2012

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 02 de setembro 2007.
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I’m very happy to own an original first issue copy of this album, never released at Loronix. Actually, it has been a while since we made a record by Ed Lincoln. This album landmark the first LP released by Savoya label, owned by Ed Lincoln. I made some searches to find additional Savoya albums with no success. It seems this lable had a short life, but this album is really great. Let’s see.

This is Ed Lincoln – Ed Lincoln (1968), for Savoya, also known as “De Savoya album”. The back cover brings a statement from Savoya Discos that explains very well this album, they say the record has 12 songs, each one very different from each other, giving the perception of hearing 12 different albums in only one record. I agree, Ed Lincoln and the top-notch musicians in the set delivering songs on different styles with arrangements by Ed Lincoln. The highlight goes to Zum Zum, Waldemar, Sack O’Woe and O Choro do Bebe.

Tracks include:


Ed Lincoln
(organ, arrangements)

Durval Ferreira

Luiz Marinho

Orlann Divo


Alex Papa

Tony Tornado


Track List

01 – Zum Zum Zum (Silva / Adamastor)
02 – Waldemar (Devel / Orlann Divo)
03 – O Choro do Bebê (De Savoya)
04 – Catedral (Celinho)
05 – Já Estou Aqui (Ed Lincoln / Celinho)
06 – Cumba-iê (Ed Lincoln / Celinho)
07 – Se Correr o Bicho Pega (Devel / Orlann Divo)
08 – Sack O’woe (Saca-uô) (C. Adderley)
09 – É Demais (Ed Lincoln)
10 – Dá-me Teu Coração (Durval Ferreira / Orlann Divo)
11 – Balá-balá-cuê (Devel / Orlann Divo)
12 – Bon Jour (Durval Ferreira / Flávia)

300 discos:
A má notícia é que Ed Lincoln faleceu na última segunda-feira, dia 16/07/2012, aos 80 anos.

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Kléssius Leão said…
Em uma palavra: bombástico.
Sunday, 02 September, 2007

swingbossa said…Great album! I really like Ed’s funky take on Sack o’Woe, which is one of my favorite 60s jazz blues tunes. It’s great how Ed (and Walter Wanderly, and Ze Maria etc) all have different organ sounds, and none of them sound like Jimmy Smith. I love Jimmy Smith, but not everyone has to sound like him.
Sunday, 02 September, 2007

Cisalpino said…Zeca,
This is a masterpiece in my opinion. Probably the best Ed Lincoln album, that Loronix mustn’t miss. Sometimes I put the music on some little parties that my friends do and I always use some tracks of this. People love it. Its very energic and groovy. Unmissable!
Sunday, 02 September, 2007

JAmil said…
Repetido mas ta bom demais, quase baixo ele de novo só pra ter o prazer.
Sack o’Woe minha preferida, tenho uma versão desta música mas até hoje não descobri quem toca.
Sunday, 02 September, 2007

evoexplorer said…
great album and great songs…
Sunday, 02 September, 2007

Skipper Bartlett said…
wonderful album Zeca. I always play this at parties. Zum Zum Zum never fails to get people dancing.
Monday, 03 September, 2007

mikail said…Damn if this isn’t a party…
I can’t sit still. Thank you for this, Zeca….
Wednesday, 05 September, 2007


Juarez – O Inimitavel Juarez (1962)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 01 de setembro 2007.
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Hello, Good Evening. I’m amazed and really grateful to cvllos for sending this fantastic album to our community, a never released album recorded by one of our favorites, the legendary Juarez Araujo, also known as just Juarez, introduced to our community by Jean do Trombone and bossanovadreamer. Thanks once again cvllos, your fantastic contribution worth a delay on our Samba Saturday start. Let’s see.

This is Juarez – O Inimitavel Juarez (1962), for Masterplay, featuring Juarez sax tenor renditions of Brazilian standards on side A and international standards on side B. Looking at Caetano Rodrigues book, I thought this album was a compilation and I was wrong, O Inimitavel Juarez is the second Juarez solo LP with Musical Direction by Astor Silva and renowned Brazilian musicians, really nice.

Tracks include:


(sax tenor)

Astor Silva
(musical direction)

Jose Marinho

Jorge Marinho


Mario, Sebastiao

Track List

01 – Samba de Uma Nota Só (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
02 – Chorou Chorou (Luis Antônio)
03 – Julgamento (Vadico / Marino Pinto)
04 – Volta (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Bandeira)
05 – O Menino Desce o Morro (Vera Brasil / De Rosa)
06 – Súplica (Vadico / Marino Pinto)
07 – Deep Purple (M. Parish / P. de Rosa)
08 – I’ll Get By (Ahlet / R. Turk)
09 – Bye Bye Blackbird (R. Handerson / M. Dixon)
10 – Al Di Lá (Donida / Repetti)
11 – Indiscretion (S. Cahn / P. Weston / A. Cicognini)
12 – Bewitched (R. Rodgers / L. Hart)

4 Comentários originais:

cvllos said…Zeca, quê qúé isso?? Mal retornou e soltou uma bomba??? Vou baixar de imediato, enquanto os caras estao se machucando (e a nós idem) lá no quadradinho….Lamentável!
Saturday, 01 September, 2007

kinoterra said…Grande tacada Zeca! Confesso que não conhecia o Juarez.Valeu mesmo!
Saturday, 01 September, 2007

bossanovadreamer said…Grande Zeca, grande.
I bought this Lp in Rio downtown and I am happy to get it now in digital format- Many thanks to Cvllos to send it to us.Juarez was a really master of tenor sax.
Best wishes
Sunday, 02 September, 2007

Jamil said…Caricas…Você me surpreendeu com isso aqui.
(O povo do saqmba rock vai adorar o menino desc e o morro, pois é um SR de primeira.)
O titulo teria que ser assim:
Rares for my friends.
Sunday, 02 September, 2007


sábado, 21 de julho de 2012

Jacob do Bandolim – Jacob e Seu Bandolim | Assanhado (1966)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 31 de agosto 2007.
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Hello, Good Evening! I have been receiving several emails supporting our Loronix Samba Saturday; Samba enthusiasts are really great, thank you! Just want to remember that Loronix Samba Saturday has also a partner, Justin also delivers Samba on Saturday at his website. However, some friends are requesting to change the day to Friday and some others are requesting to make it on Saturday and also on Friday. This is something that I need to think about and make the right decision.

Meanwhile, let’s make this Friday a transitional day to Loronix Samba Saturday, a classy transition by the way, showing Loronixers one of the most important artists that dedicated his art to Choro, Jacob do Bandolim.

This is Jacob do Bandolim – Jacob e Seu Bandolim | Assanhado (1966), for RCA Candem. Assanhado is a compilation with well known Jacob do Bandolim songs, perfect for fans and useful for those who want to hear Jacob do Bandolim for the first time. All tracks are solid with highlights to Assanhado, Andrea de Sapato Novo, Doce de Coco and Saxofone, Porque Choras. It is impossible to go wrong with Jacob do Bandolim.

Tracks include:

01 – Assanhado (Jacob do Bandolim)
02 – Flor do Abacate (A. Sandim)
03 – Bola Preta (Jacob do Bandolim)
04 – André de Sapato Novo (Andre Victor Correa)
05 – Graúna (Joao Pernambuco)
06 – Vascaino (Jacob do Bandolim)
07 – Língua de Preto (H. Lopes)
08 – Doce de Coco (Jacob do Bandolim)
09 – Vale Tudo (Jacob do Bandolim)
10 – Bonicrates de Muleta (Biliano / Jacob do Bandolim)
11 – Saxofone Porque Choras (Ratinho)
12 – Sapeca (Jacob do Bandolim)

2 Comentários originais:
cvllos said…
Zeca, depois que ouvi o Vibraçoes com o proprio Jacob, compro, baixo e ouço suas obras com muita atençao. É um virtuose do instrumento.
Saturday, 01 September, 2007

Pablo said…
Mr.Zeca, eu gostei muito do RETRATOS (Jacob e Radamés), este é muito bom tambem!!!!
Monday, 03 September, 2007


Sivuca – Sivuca (1979)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 01 de setembro 2007.
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It has been a very long time since we made the last album by Sivuca, I’m not taking in consideration his last release with Rildo Hora, I’m talking about a Sivuca career album as main performer.

Sivuca is all about Loronix and people always give nice feedback on his music. I think this album will take everybody by surprise, I took a lot of time digging the back cover to find the name of the guy who sings throughout the record and for my surprise, Sivuca sings lyrics and he makes it very beautiful. I hope people get pleased on hearing Sivuca again as I was today.

This is Sivuca – Sivuca (1979), for Copacabana, a great session with the atmosphere of being recorded like a friend’s rehearsal. Sivuca has some special guests of note, such as Hermeto Pascoal on tracks Nosso Encontro and Sambura de Peixe Miudo, Glorinha Gadelha, which is Sivuca’s wife also takes part at Joao e Maria, Doce Doce and Sambura de Peixe Miudo. Remaining musicians are not credit, but the back cover brings session pictures with Katia de Franca, Ivan Machado, Claudio Jorge, Ze Carlos and Teo Lima on Drums.

Tracks include:

01 – Mãe África (Sivuca / Paulo César Pinheiro)
02 – A História Se Repete (Sivuca / Paulinho Tapajós)
03 – Nosso Encontro (Sivuca / Hermeto Pascoal) with Hermeto Pascoal
04 – Fogo Pagô (Sivuca / Humberto Teixeira)
05 – Doce Doce (Sivuca / Glória Gadelha) with Glória Gadelha
06 – Le Joies Du Matin (Sivuca / Glória Gadelha)
07 – O Dia Em Que El Rei Voltou à Terra de Santa Cruz (Sivuca / Paulinho Tapajós)
08 – João e Maria (Sivuca / Chico Buarque) with Glória Gadelha
09 – Barra Vai Quebrando (Sivuca / Glória Gadelha)
10 – Céu e Mar (Johnny Alf)
11 – Samburá de Peixe Miúdo (Sivuca / Glória Gadelha) with Hermeto Pascoal / Glória Gadelha

6 Comentários originais:
J Thyme…kind said…And track three “Nosso Encontro” is an amazing swipe at the “Blackplotation” style. So “Shaft” & on the accordion too. Super-Bad.
Saturday, 01 September, 2007

J Thyme…kind said…Here I go again. Track six “Les Joies Du Matin” is such a perfect swipe at French Disco Fluff. So “Love Boat”.
Saturday, 01 September, 2007

J Thyme…kind said…No doubt about it Zeca, this a masterpiece.
Saturday, 01 September, 2007

Jazz & Bossa said…Prezado,
O seu blog merece prêmio. Quantos cairiam no total esquecimento se não fosse o seu trabalho? Meus parabéns!
É com grande prazer que incluí, agora que reinicio os trabalhos no meu blog, o link desse belo jardim.
Saturday, 01 September, 2007

Pablo said…
Oh, Mr. Zeca, I really love Sivuca, but the mp3 file has a problem with track 3. I don’t know how to convert a flac.
Saturday, 01 September, 2007

Anonymous said…
Thank you Pa-pa-pa-papagaio! bigfootpegrande
Tuesday, 07 October, 2008


Grupo Tom da Terra – Grupo Tom da Terra (1996)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 31 de agosto 2007.
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Here we go on another Caetano Rodrigues contribution, featuring a great surprise this time, a vocal group lead by the mighty Maestro Tasso Bangel, founder and leader of Conjunto Farroupilha and the influential Farroupilha label. Tasso Bangel career as Conjunto Farroupilha leader started in the very early 50′s, recording his first album in 1953, a 10-inch recently released at Loronix.

This is Grupo Tom da Terra – Grupo Tom da Terra (1996), for Movieplay, featuring a vocal group with eight members and their debut LP.
I’m surprised that information about Grupo Tom da Terra is almost non-existance, the little I know is that other albums were released and they also backed renowned Brazilian artists, such as Paulo Moura, Milton Nascimento, Edu Lobo, among others.

Tracks include:


Fafa Couto
Sueli Gondim

Claudia Ferrete
Nadir Candido

Paulo Campos
Rubinho Ribeiro

Luiz Bastos
Ricardo Gomes

Lis de Carvalho

Tasso Bangel
(arrangements, piano)

Bira de Castro

Andre Mel

Track List

01 – Chovendo na Roseira
02 – De Manha
03 – Aquarela do Brasil
04 – Verde
05 – Luz do Sol
06 – Cravo e Canela
07 – Jequibach (Jequibau)
08 – Samba da Minha Terra
09 – Casa Forte
10 – Beatriz
11 – É
12 – 40 Anos
13 – Bebe
14 – Chiclete com Banana
15 – Choro Bandido
16 – Tristeza do Jeca
17 – Lamentos

This is Grupo Tom da Terra – Grupo Tom da Terra (1996), at Loronix. Hope uEnjoy!

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Raul de Souza & Frank Rosolino – Festival Jazz SP (1978)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 10 de julho 2007.
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Hello, Good Evening! Loronixers contributions taken from old K-7 tapes are coming. It is now common. However, it is not possible to make all them, we should have criterion, such as the quality of the sound and at most, the importance and relevance of the music.

Luiz Harding sent this one, meeting everything, amazing sound and a really interesting concert with Raul de Souza and Frank Rosolino performing together on a Brazilian Jazz Festival held in Sao Paulo in 1978. It is a great concert and they have the accompaniment of top-notch musicians. Tracks could be identified with one exception, the last one.

This is the first experience with K-7 tapes; feel free to write comments about it.

Tracks include:


Raul de Souza and Frank Rosolino

Mathias Matos

Jose Alves

Chico Batera

Track List

01 – Stella by Starlight
02 – Lover Man
03 – Corcovado
04 – Not identified

6 Comentários originais:

cvllos on Wednesday, 11 July, 2007
Zeca, pelamordeDeus…Rosolino – como Luiz Eça, Victor Assis Brasil, como Dick Farney, como Radamés e alguns outros fora-de-série – é IMPERDIVEL! Muito agradecido!

Luiz on Wednesday, 11 July, 2007
Caspite ! Uma Jam Session dessas e nenhum comentário ? Zeca, acho melhor voce postar o ultimo BB da Ivete Semgalo, Ah,ah,ah.

Anonymous on Wednesday, 11 July, 2007
Song nr 4 – isn’t It “Bottom Heat” from “Sweet Lucy”

Pablo on Sunday, 05 August, 2007
The track 4 is a 2in 1, the first song seems to me, a version of UMBABARAUMBA de Jorge Ben, the other one, who knows; but with a jazzy feeling, I think that the track 4 is a forgettable one.

saltinvanki on Monday, 27 August, 2007
Extraordinaria reliquia de la musica , y para los trombonistas …ni hablar ….!!!!!!!
Para bens cara , o blog e muito bom ….
Excelente ….

Anonymous on Thursday, 10 April, 2008
Salvo engano, o baterista é o Zinho e não o Chico.


Maciel – Maciel Toca, Voce Danca (1960)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 04 de julho 2007.
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Hello, Good Evening! Wooow! Sorry, I could not control my enthusiasm when I opened the new Caetano Rodrigues packaged and found this fantastic album. My first contact was at Caetano’s place in Sao Paulo. I look to Caetano and asked: “Can I get someday to Loronix?” and he said “Yes!!”. Since then it has been more than a month until the arrival today. I decided to make it first and I hope you get the same good feelings when hearing this fantastic album, like I had this afternoon.

This is Maciel – Maciel Toca, Voce Danca (1960), for Polydor. Maciel cannot be taken as Ed Maciel, which is also a trombonist. Maciel has many years of collaboration to Brazilian music; being also a Classical musician, member of Orquestra Sinfonica do Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro.
Maciel blows great here and several Brazilian Maestros delivers arrangements to Maciel Danca, Voce Toca, as follows: Astor Silva, Moacir Santos (yep!), Severino Filho, K-Ximbinho and Cipo. Personnel listing is not available, but arrangers are associated to each track bellow.

Tracks include:

The Arrangers:

Astor Silva
“Maciel na Gafieira”, “O Que Fazer”, “Ginga das Palmas”

Moacir Santos
“Blue Gardenia”, “Night and Day”

Severino Filho
“A Felicidade”, “Stella by Starlight”, “O Nosso Amor”, “Tu mi Delirio”

“Gracas a Deus”, “Joga a Rede no Mar”

“Como e Bom Amar”

Track List

01 – Maciel na Gafieira (Ed Maciel)
02 – Blue Gardênia (B. Russell / L. Lester)
03 – A Felicidade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
04 – Graças a Deus (Ivan Paulo da Silva “Carioca”)
05 – Que Fazer (Jaime Florence “Meira” / Jota Santos)
06 – Stella By Starlight (V. Young / N. Washington)
07 – Night And Day (Cole Porter)
08 – O Nosso Amor (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
09 – Tu Mi Delirio (C. Portillo de La Luz)
10 – Ginga das Palmas (Ivan Paulo da Silva “Carioca”)
11 – Joga a Rede no Mar (Fernando César / Nazareno de Brito)
12 – Como É Bom Amar (Maciel)

300 Discos Importantes:
Ao contrário do que diz o Zeca, acredito que este Maciel é, sim, o Ed Maciel, também conhecido como Edmundo Maciel - . Seu irmão mais novo, Edson Maciel, também trombonista, seguia uma linha mais jazzista - e parece não ter nenhum disco solo.

3 Comentários originais:

bossanovadreamer on Tuesday, 03 July, 2007
Wow, sorry for this Zeca, that I reply your words like a parrot -) but Maciel really blows great.
I never saw this cover.This is another example of Caetano’s albums nobody knows about.
Very fine.
Best wishes

cvllos on Wednesday, 04 July, 2007
Zeca, vc deixa os fãs de Rosolino “nervosos”, ao promete-lo..Aqui, será interessantissimo ouvir Maciel, cercado de gente competente, em plena época em que admiramos Vittor Santos. Mais um muito obrigado! A vc, Zeca, e a Mestre Caetano. Privilégio!!!

Elcio on Wednesday, 04 July, 2007
Eu nunca tinha visto esse disco
nao deixem o site de voces acabar, preciso que alguem me diga como fazer para ajudar voces. posso fazer uma ajuda financeira dentro das minhas possibilidades. Como eu fáço para contribuir? Boleto bancário.
Aguardo a resposta, Elcio