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quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012

Tema 3 – Madrugada 1:30 (1969)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 04 de setembro 2007.
Comentários originais incluídos.

Hello, Good Evening! moos never stops amazing me. His great passion to the Music from Brazil and the work he is doing on improving his ripping and image processing skills makes me feel very proud of having moos as our great friend. He sent this fantastic album using the Mail Big File icon and just wrote a message with no signature. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m quite sure this LP came from moos. If I’m wrong, please correct me. If I’m right, moos, say hello, please.

This is Tema 3 – Madrugada 1:30 (1969), for Equipe, following the very nice Tema Tres – Tema 3 (1966), for Atonal. Release date is uncertain (*** not anymore,
Justin sent the correct date on comments section) but it was probably released in 1967 or 1968. Tema 3 is lead by the Brazilian pianist and maestro Gilson Peranzzetta, credited as Gilson Peranz by Equipe. The trio also features Luiz Roberto (bass) and Atayde (drums) with the special guest, arranger and violao player Alberto Arantes. I’m not sure if the bassist Luiz Roberto is the same from Os Cariocas, this is something that Loronixers can confirm on comments. Several others musicians are credited as special guests on some tracks, you can check the full listing inside the music. Thanks moos, you are a great finder.

Tracks include:


Gilson Peranz

Luiz Roberto


Track List

01 – Andança (Danilo Caymmi / Paulinho Tapajós / Edmundo Souto)
02 – Grão de Café (Luis Bonfá)
03 – Walk On By (David / Burt Bacharach)
04 – Ela Vem de Volta (Roberto Neves)
05 – Sabiá (Chico Buarque / Tom Jobim)
06 – Zond 5 (Gilson Peranz / Luis Cardoso)
07 – The Fool On The Hill (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
08 – Samarina (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar)
09 – Trem da Manhã Branca (Norival Reis / Jorge Duarte)
10 – Afro (Alberto Arantes)
11 – Amazonas (João Donato)
12 – Watch What Happens (M. Legrant)

4 Comentários originais:

J Thyme…kind said…1969
Tuesday, 04 September, 2007

Moos said…Hi Zeca,
Glad you like it too, Personaly I got thrilled by Gilson Perazzetta’s piano playing, very nice.
Wednesday, 05 September, 2007

joaocozac said…
Why don’t you use another file keeper?
Friday, 07 September, 2007

zecalouro said…Hello joaocozac,
Good question, the current file keeper is the best available so far on any given criteria, from my perspective and also from Loronixers perspective.
I’m sure I could not make it as it is today with another provider.
Cheers, zeca
Friday, 07 September, 2007


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