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quinta-feira, 5 de julho de 2012

Clara Sverner e Paulo Moura – Clara Sverner e Paulo Moura (1983)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 15 de agosto 2007.
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Hello, Good Evening! I was invited by Irinea Ribeiro to watch her concert tonight with Clarisse Grova. Irinea and Clarisse will be performing at Panorama, Rua Joao Lira, 95 / 19, 9pm. Irinea said this concert has a great influence of Loronix and the repertoire is based on the music she has the chance to hear again at Loronix. This is really great! Thanks Irinea.

Loronixers Cariocas, quem estiver sem programa, compareça, que estiver com um programa de índio, cancele e compareça também. É hoje as 21 horas no Panorama, Rua Joao Lira, 95 19 andar, Leblon.
I’m leaving, but Loronixers will stay in very good company. Since we start making Paulo Moura music more often, I received requests and recommendations to make available one of his albums in collaboration with the Brazilian pianist Clara Sverner. It was not that easy to find this one, perhaps the only one out of print. Let’s see.

This is Clara Sverner e Paulo Moura – Clara Sverner e Paulo Moura (1983), for Angel/EMI, featuring 6 classic compositions by Heitor Villa Lobos, Marlos Nobre, Radames Gnattali, Eduardo Souto, Jacques Ibert and Gilberto Mendes performed with Clara Sverner Piano and Paulo Moura sax. This is a great listening experience, this album shows that Paulo Moura is really a gifted sax player, trully beautiful.

Tracks include:

01 – Fantasia em Si Bemol (Heitor Villa Lobos) Sax Soprano & Piano
02 – Desafio VIII op 31 nr. 8 (Marlos Nobre) Sax Alto & Piano
03 – Valsa Triste (Radames Gnattali) Sax Alto & Piano
04 – E Assim que eu Gosto (Eduardo Souto) Sax Soprano & Piano
05 – Concertino da Camera (Jacques Ibert) Sax Alto & Piano
06 – Saudades do Parque Balneario Hotel (1980) (Gilberto Mendes) Sax Alto & Piano

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Lucky said…
Merci bien, Zecalouro!
I thought I checked all the links to Moura-posts (available at my blog), but the link to this one from Cápsula da Cultura was already dead. Thanks for sharing it again!
Since these two are playing a tune by Heitor Villa-Lobos, I just want to tell you that a friendly commenter dropped me the link to Cyro Baptista’s Japanese album “Vira Loucas – Cyro Baptista plays the music of Villa-Lobos” on my Avant Records blog – a wonderful recording.
I hope you don’t mind the advertisement, otherwise you can easily delete the comment before any others are seeing it…
Thanks again,
Wednesday, 15 August, 2007

cvllos said…
Mr Lucky, I tried to acces your blog but didn`t suceeded; there`s some problem on it.
Thursday, 16 August, 2007

Lucky said…
cvllos – seems like the link was cut. here’s the right one to the cyro-post:
Thursday, 16 August, 2007

Patrick (França) said…
Tudo é na capa, o negro sobre fundo branco, a branca sobre fundo sombre. A musica brasileira, erudita popular. A mixtura existe, pode existar no Brasil!


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