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domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

Toninho Horta – Diamond Land (1989)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 30 de setembro 2007.
Comentários originais incluídos.

Here we have an artist that everybody asks for an album at Loronix. It took a long time until we have the necessary to make available one of his works, but the long waiting really worth, this is one of the best albums recorded by Toninho Horta and it is amazing that Diamond Land never had a CD issue, being out of print on “CD era”, at least the far as I could search.

This is Toninho Horta – Diamond Land (1989), for Philips, featuring a true legend of the Brazilian guitar, Toninho Horta, backed by several renowned musicians, including the acclaimed Wayne Shorter.

It’s very hard to describe Toninho Horta, so I’m taking the liner notes of Diamond Land, written by Pat Metheny. I could never make better.

“Musicians everywhere love Toninho Horta’s songs. Through his work with Milton Nascimento, his own recordings and the cover versions of his tunes that have appeared on various albums throughout the past decade or so, Toninho has emerged as one of the most harmonically sophisticated and melodically satisfying Brazilian composers of recent times.
Somehow, he writes chord progressions that defy gravity, moving up when you think they’re going down. His melodies stay with you for days; you’re sure you’ve heard them before, but they are brand new. And as an arranger, he’s a master. (Not just with his own music either – check out what he does here with “Diamond Land”). As a guitarist, he’s one of the world’s great “compers” on viola. (That’s a nylon-string guitar to us gringos). He plays such great voicings with such a cool time feel… (I’ve often described him to other musicians as the Herbie Hancock of Bossa Nova guitarists). His love of jazz guitar playing is well represented here, as is his excellent singing.
In short, Toninho Horta is an incredible musician, the rare guitarist who understand harmony in its most intimate ways and – above all – one of the finest and gentlest people I’ve ever had the good fortune of knowing. This record, DIAMOND LAND, is a great addition to Toninho’s ongoing work, and will also serve as an excellent introduction to those listeners not yet familiar with his music.”-Pat Metheny

Tracks include:


Marcio Mallard, Jacques Morelenbaum

Armando Marcal

Marcio Montarroyos
(trumpet, flugelhorn)

Nivaldo Ornelas, Mauro Senise, Carlos Watkins

Giancarlo Pareschi

Arlindo Penteado, Frederick Stephany

Jose de Aguiar Ribeiro

Robertinho Silva
(percussion, drums)

Ronaldo, Wanderley Silva, Laudir de Oliveira

Victor Santos, Robertinho Brant, Ricardo Villas, Paula Morelenbaum, Andrea Daltro, Quique Azambuja, Maria Fattoruso, Silvana Matta, Nelson Angelo, Bepa Nobile, Joyce

Flavio Venturini
(synthesizer, vocals)

Alfredo Vidal

Arthur Maia, Iuri Popoff, Nico Assumpcao, Jamil Joanes

Felipe Doyle

Paulo Guimaraes

KenwoodDennard, Teo Lima

Helvius Vilela

Jim Beard

Hugo Fatturuso
(synthesizer, vocal)

Toninho Horta
(synthesizer, vocal, guitar, violao, arrangements)

Wayne Shorter

 Track List

01 – Mountain Flight (Toninho Horta)
02 – Ballad For Zawinul (Iuri Popoff)
03 – Raul (Toninho Horta)
04 – Girassol (Lô Borges / Márcio Borges)
05 – Luisa (Toninho Horta)
06 – From The Lonely Afternoous (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
07 – Pilar (Toninho Horta)
08 – Waiting For Ângela (Toninho Horta)
09 – Diamond Land (Diamantina) (Juarez Moreira)
10 – Beijo Partido (Broken Kiss) (Toninho Horta) with Joyce

17 Comentários originais:

Anonymous said…
Assisti óntem, o Programa Ensaio com Toninho Horta…muito bom!!!
Providencial, este álbum.
Sunday, 30 September, 2007

Moos said…
all very relaxed this weekend, what happened to our Samba saturday ?
Sunday, 30 September, 2007

nardew said…
Thank you for this album of my favourite guitarist – especially for lossles and covers.
Sunday, 30 September, 2007

maurício said…
“Diamond Land” is a very nice TH album, one of my favourites from him. Unfortunatelly, this one is out of print, and this post is really very special. Congratulations.
Maurício Gouvêa / Brazil
Sunday, 30 September, 2007

Luiz Monteiro said…
De fato, houve sim uma reedição em CD, nos EUA, desse álbum. Polygram/Verve Label number 835.183-2 91988).
Sunday, 30 September, 2007

Luiz Monteiro said…
De fato, houve sim uma reedição em CD, nos EUA, desse álbum. Polygram/Verve Label number 835.183-2 (1988).
Sunday, 30 September, 2007

maurício said…
Luiz, it’s really true that TH had “Diamond Land” issued on CD in US. The “Verve Forecast” label released other two amazing TH albums: “Moonstone” (with Pat Metheny on one track) and “Once I Loved” (with Billy Higgins and Gary Peacock). All of them had CD issues in the past, but are out of print worldwide, as far i am concerned. That’s the reason this post is very special.
Maurício Gouvêa / Brazil
Monday, 01 October, 2007

nardew said…
If someone is interested,i have following Toninho albums to post, let me know:
-Durango Kid
-Durango Kid 2
-Foot On The Road
-O Pe No Forro
-Once I Loved
-Toninho Horta
-e Orquestra Fantasma – Terra dos Passaros
Monday, 01 October, 2007

Anonymous said…
toninho horta is the best guitarist i ever heard
and you…. my friend ….you are amazing…thanks for the post…and the covers are really great
could you post “once i loved” cd please….
and Durango kid 1….
I really want to Know more music about toninho….so please post more disc!!
Tuesday, 09 October, 2007

a13gusto7 said…
(Nardew: Please my friend, post “Once i loved” ) i hope you read this:
toninho horta is the best guitarist i ever heard…and you….you are “amazing”, thanks for this post…the covers are great
could you post “once i loved”cd and “Durango Kid1″…i love toninho´s kind of music….so please my friend… dont forget to post more discs of toninho….
thanks a lot!!!!!
Tuesday, 09 October, 2007

a13gusto7 said…
To Nardew.Pra Nardew.Para Nardew
Please my friend post “Once i loved” and “Durango Kid1″
i didnt find these cds anywhere…so plese!!!
more people have to know who is toninho
Tuesday, 09 October, 2007

a13gusto7 said…
to Zecalouro
I cry when i saw the comment of nardew :
he said that he have more discs of toninho
he have “Once i loved” …disc that i was looking for.
i dont know how to tell him that hi have to post these cds
So if you could Zecalouro…
if you could tell him about these post… please!
Tuesday, 09 October, 2007

nardew said…
If Zecaluro agree i can put rapidshare links (or some other upload service) here so everyone can download it.
I will do it in the next couple of days.
Tuesday, 09 October, 2007

zecalouro said…
I prefer that you do not share these links at Loronix, please. It’s very important that we only share not commercially available music and it seems these albums are still in-print.
Cheers, zeca
Tuesday, 09 October, 2007

nardew said…
No problem, zeca.
Your blog is greatest.
Tuesday, 09 October, 2007

a13gusto7 said…
and now?? what happen with once i loved?
it means that i still waiting for a looong time????for this post??
i feel sad
Nardew if you post toninho´s cd in other blog or site….please let me know…
Zeca your blog is amazing
Tuesday, 09 October, 2007

Bill Barnard said…
This is a lovely recording. I’ve been listening to it since I was introduced to it in the early 90′s. Thanks Toninho!
Sunday, 24 August, 2008


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