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Eddie Harris – Bossa Nova (1963)


Originalmente postado no Loronix em 06 de agosto 2007.
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Here we go with the International Bossa Nova, by Caetano Rodrigues. This is really the most exciting and unpredictable post of the day, which is not the case of this one, I’m sure this album will hit the ceiling making the happiness of several friends.
Let’s see another Caetano’s treasure.

This is Eddie Harris – Bossa Nova (1963), for Vee-Jey, featuring the sax tenor of Eddie Harris, the piano of Lalo Schifrin and many others.

This is not one of those warm albums released in response of the Bossa Nova boom in the early 60′s. It is music for grownups, which will take you by surprise, making you listening to it several times.

When the bossa nova wave came crashing through America, naturally the folks at VeeJay thought that their star saxophonist should give it a shot -- and this LP came and went with the tide. But far from being a casual response to a fad, this is a great record, one where Harris came to his own comfortable accomodation with the Brazilian idiom without the aid of a single Luiz Bonfa or A.C. Jobim standard. Harris not only retains his own sound, he leans pleasingly into the bossa groove with a lightness of tone and swing that rivals pack leader Stan Getz, and he even stretches out into feverish Coltrane territory in his solo on the ten-minute "Cev Y Mar." Credit a young neighborly Argentinian, the endlessly versatile Lalo Schifrin, for the solid piano work, half of the tunes, and the gritty group arrangements, but it is Eddie who comes up with the most beguiling composition, "Lolita Marie." Also guitarist Jimmy Raney checks in on a few tracks with some relaxed bop licks.
(The Definitive Guide to Jazz Music, page 555)


Eddie Harris
sax tenor

Lalo Schifrin
piano, arrangements

Chuck Lampkin

Jimmy Rainey

Jack Del Rio and Osvaldo Cigno

Art Davis

Tracks include:

01 – Mima
02 – Lolita Marie
03 – Cey y Mar
04 – Wispering Bossa Nova
05 – Samba pra Dos
06 – Teleco Teco

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sulingman on Wednesday, 14 March, 2007
WHOA. Eddie Harris doing bossa nova?
Who’d a thunk it?

Jim R on Thursday, 15 March, 2007 Yes, very good album! I never had the LP, but this was released on CD under Lalo Schifrin’s name (titled “Bossa Nova Groove”) on the spanish label Ubatuqui. Another LP was also included on the CD, an Audio Fidelity LP titled “Bossa Nova- New Brazilian Jazz”.
Great band… Jimmy Raney is one of my heroes.

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