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segunda-feira, 17 de novembro de 2014

Charlie Rouse - Bossa Nova Bacchanal (1963)



Charlie Rouse from 1959 to 1970 is on the perform in the Thelonious Monk quartet, he make about the saxophone performance inquire, but 1962 at that time this record is recorded he was the still one member.

Around end of 50 age the Bossa Nova which starts in Brazil sparked to America, to beginning this year the album "Jazz Samba" the guitar player Charlie Bird and Stan Getz of the same tenor player was awarded Grammy Award, reached the point where many jazz men pick up Bossa Nova, but from former times there was an interest in Latin music, also Charlie Rouse at the time of the production of this record, feeling of pure jazz is gathered in Bossa Nova, that melodious adlib has colored the numbers of the Bossa Nova famous music vividly. In addition there are some whose also it is very much interesting for kingcraft label "Blue Note" of jazz to pick up Bossa Nova. Even in the Bossa Nova record of many jazz as for this record is not to be able to call the optimum masterpiece, probably will be? Excelent disk of the jazz bossa nova where it is bright, pleasant and hides "Bossa Nova Bacchanal" until heart it goes, please enjoy.

Isto é Bossa Nova Bacchanal : Charlie Rouse (1962) for Blue Note (4119)


Charlie Rouse
tenor sax

Kenny Burrell

Chauncey "Lord" Westbrook

Lawrence Gales

Willie Bobo

Potato Valdez

Garvin Masseaux


1 Back to the Tropics ( Whipper )
2 Aconteceu ( Lincoln - Cezar )
3 Velhos Tempos ( Luiz Bonfa )
4 Samba de Orfeu ( Luiz Bonfa )
5 Un Dia ( Rouse - Benskina )
6 Meci Bon Dieu ( Frantz Casseus )
7 In Martinique ( Belasco - Whipper )
8 One for Five (Charlie Rouse)*

* Bonustrack


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