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quinta-feira, 11 de abril de 2013

Baden Powell - Ao Vivo no Teatro Santa Rosa (1966)


1 - Abertura (Berimbau) - Choro para metr fronomo
2 - Astronauta
3 - Valsa de Euridice
4 - Preludio em re menor
5 - Berimbau
6 - Consolacao
7 - Lamento *
8 - Samba de uma nota so
9 - Tempo feliz **

Baden Powell (git, vcl **)
Carlinhos (b)
Oscar Castro Neves (p)
Victor Manga (dr)
unknown strings and flute *
unknown chorus **

Label:                                    Elenco / Universal Music (Brazil)
LP number:                          ME 30 (1966)
Year of performance:         Live at the Teatro Santa Rosa, 1966
Guitar Model:                      Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Description:                        Third Elenco record of B.P. and the first live recording.
Style:                                     Afro Sambas, solo pieces, standards


BrazilOnGuitar says: Unfortunately, we did not find out the exact recording date of this first live record by BP. The half-hour recording in the Teatro Santa Rosa is another proof of his guitar abilities in 1966 and stands for his intense playing style. The sound quality of the recording is not the best and could not be improved significantly with the 2003 cd re-issue. However, BP's guitar playing is so precise and exciting that the sound can be overlooked.

The recordings give the impression of a creative and very vital musician, whose life is completely devoted to music. At this time BP had developed great musicality and an impressive technique. It seems that on Teatro Santa Rosa he wanted to set other standards. In his high tempi there could be missed the depth and relaxation of later years, which is understandable thinking of his playing speed.

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