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domingo, 24 de junho de 2012

Marisa – Little Club Apresenta Marisa (1961)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 05 de agosto 2007.
Comentários originais incluídos.

Caetano Rodrigues will be amazing this Sunday morning when having breakfast checking what’s new at Loronix. I said to him that I gave up to make this album to Loronixers, due some technical problems with the music. However, this is a fantastic and rather unknown Marisa album and I had the help from friends to make the fixes I need. Thanks for this nice contribution Caetano.

This is Marisa – Little Club Apresenta Marisa (1961), for Copacabana, once again delivering a great cover artwork that makes you fell in the mood to travel back on time watch this concert at Little Club, which is the nightclub that Marisa performed before recording this album. The session is beautiful with Marisa backed up by a not credited trio. Marisa sings sweet, she whispers in your ear sometimes on a nice repertoire, based on Brazilian standards and some international songs.

Tracks include:

01 – Chuva para molhar o sol (Édson Borges – Agostinho dos Santos)
02 – Croquemitufle (Gilbert Becaud)
03 – Onde Estava Eu (Armando Cavalcanti – Victor Freire)
04 – Ternura Antiga (Ribamar – Dolores Duran)
05 – Quando Vien La Sera (Rossi – Testa)
06 – Deixa o Nosso Amor (Normando – Ronaldo Boscoli)
07 – Noves Fora Zero (Tony Vestante)
08 – Ninguem e de Ninguem (Toso Gomes – Umberto Silva – Luiz Mergulhao)
09 – I’m gonna live till I die (Hoffman – Kent – Curtis)
10 – Ceu e Mar (Johnny Alf)
11 – So em Teus Bracos (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
12 – Jonny Guitar (Victor Yong)

2 Comentários originais:

bossanovadreamer on Sunday, 05 August, 2007
Hello Zeca, Hello Caetano !!
This is really fine I never saw this Marisa album before-this is a great surprise…thanks so much.
Best wishes

Anonymous on Friday, 15 February, 2008
Thanks to Loronix I became a devoted fan of Maria Gata Mansa. This particular recording is realy beautiful especially because there is NO orchestration & maestro, which ruined the Marisa 1965 recording.
Is there any possibility to upload the Marisa simplesmente 1961? Or Leopardo…
Milan Filipovic


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