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sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2012

Phil Woods - Astor & Elis (1996)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 16 de março 2007.

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Hello, Good night! May 12th is approaching fast. Nothing special on this day. I have friends that are maniac with special dates, such as birthday, 1 year of dating, one year of wedding, among several other examples. I really don't mind. May, 12th celebrates a day that I never imagine we could reach, it is the celebration of one year since the first Loronix post. It is a Saturday and Caetano's mind is on 1,000 KHz of ideas. Tomorrow, we will let you know about a great Caetano's idea that we will need your feedback to make it happen. Meanwhile, let's check this record, another fine release sponsored by Caetano Rodrigues.

This is Phil Woods - Astor & Elis (1996), for Chesky, featuring the sax and clarinet of Phil Woods on a personal and passionate tribute for Astor Piazzolla and Elis Regina. Actually, the first plan was to make a whole album to Elis Regina, which is Woods' favorite singer, he said he always take a couple of Elis Regina albums when touring, along with some Charlie Parker, some Billie Holiday, etc.

Five out of the eleven titles in the album are by Astor Piazzolla, and another, Piece for Piazzolla is Phil's tribute to him. The rest of the tunes are Brazilian, excepting Con Alma by Dizzie Gillespie. Caetano strongly recommends this record and Phil Woods’s albums with Brazilian music and Brazilian artists always take me by surprise. It is really wonderful that Phil Woods dedicated an entire recording to these really important artists from Brazil and Argentina.

Tracks include:

01 - Dois pra La, Dois pra Ca
02 - Piece for Piazzolla
03 - Adios Nonino
04 - Oblivion
05 - Milonga del Angel
06 - Leija's Game
07 - Invierno Porteno
08 - Elis
09 - Introduction to Cais / Atras da Porta
10 - Nada Sera Como Antes
11 - Con Alma

2 Reply to "Phil Woods - Astor & Elis (1996)"
marko on Saturday, 17 March, 2007
just beautiful, what a smile - do you think this is from the early 1970s? a thousands thanks (once again)!

Colm O'Sullivan "Red" on Friday, 07 August, 2009
O, o, o - Zeca: this Elis "surprise" video breaks my heart. Did I ever tell you that Brasillian music, because it is beautiful, is also too sad: the beauty is sadness + th sadness is the beauty... It breaks my heart to listen to Elis sing this (I love it!) - and it's too much saudade...
Thank you - Obrigado voce,
RED (Ireland).



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