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domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2012

Jose Briamonte - Briamonte Orchestra (1970)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 10 de março 2007.

Comentários originais incluídos

I think this Saturday is the day to show the great and forgotten music available on zecalouro's shelf. I don't like to run Loronix under controls, lists, catalogs, etc. Great part of the pleasure of being here is to make the selections based on instincts and even associating the experiences I had on the day with the albums posted tonight. It is a way to present this great music with passion, giving a personal touch in the process. Caetano runs on the same chaotic pattern, making his selections on what HE wants to hear, this is great.

This is Jose Briamonte - Briamonte Orchestra (1970), for Elenco, another LP that deserves special attention, highly recommended by Caetano Rodrigues. It is weird to show this album after ten months of Loronix. I work together with Sabadabada to have the last Briamonte release; Sambeco (check Loronix Find It!) while this gem was under my nose for months. Really great LP produced by Roberto Menescal and arranged by Maestro Briamonte.

Tracks include:

01 - Tema de Cristina (José Briamonte)
02 - Airport Love Theme (A. Newman / Paul Francis Webster)
03 - Primavera (Vai Chuva) (Cassiano / Silva Rochael)
04 - Rota Sul (José Briamonte)
05 - True Grit (E. Bernstein / D. Black)
06 - Assim na Terra Como no Céu (Roberto Menescal / Nonato Buzar / Paulinho Tapajós)
07 - O Embalo do Pato (José Briamonte)
08 - What The World Needs Now Is Love (Burt Bacharach / David)
09 - Zip (José Briamonte)
10 - Everybody's Talkin' (Neil)
11 - Caos (José Briamonte)
12 - Quarentão Simpático (Renatão) (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
13 - Atmosfera (José Briamonte)

8 Reply to "Jose Briamonte - Briamonte Orchestra (1970)"

Marcio de Souza on Sunday, 11 March, 2007
Jose Briamonte is one of the great obscure musicians I knew here in Loronix. I can´t wait the time to hear it.

Trix on Sunday, 11 March, 2007
Zeca,o Briamonte ainda ta vivo?

Mr B on Sunday, 11 March, 2007
superbe! merci !

zecalouro on Sunday, 11 March, 2007
Thanks or the feedback on Briamonte.
Sim. O Briamonte está vivo e ativo, fazendo performances para empresas. Lancou um disco em 2004 chamado New Age Brasil, pelo selo Intercd records. Daqui a pouco coloco aqui o link para o CD no Submarino.
Não conheço esse disco.
Abraços, zeca

mikail on Monday, 12 March, 2007
My god is this good! This could be one of my top Loronix picks ever. Much thanks, Zeca!

Mike Tar on Friday, 23 March, 2007
Nice record

Anonymous on Monday, 17 September, 2007
This record is very special. I was looking for it for a long time and now I find it here, thanks a lot. About
this song "Tema de Cristina", there is another wonderful record by maestro Erlon Chaves (do you know this record?)...sublime.

Gary on Saturday, 13 September, 2008
Nice to fill in the gaps sometimes. I knew there must an album of the rest of this as Zip and Atmosfera are both from the Rede Globo novela A Proxima Atracao, one of the earliest soundtracks from Globo when they still released via Philips with Nelson Motta's executive production.


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Martoni, Seria possivel você liberar o link deste album do Briamonte,ficarei agradecido,um abraço e obrigado.