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quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

Maysa - Os Grandes Sucessos de Maysa (1959)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 05 de fevereiro 2007.

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Remember that video with zecalouro showing Caetano Rodrigues Bossa Nova e Outras Bossas book? Do not miss it. The Maysa friends who watch the video - probably many by the emails received - are asking for the LP used by zecalouro to illustrate the size of Caetano's book. It was wise of them to pay a careful attention on that video. Anyway, here it is, the Maysa LP used on that amateur video.

This is Maysa - Os Grandes Sucessos de Maysa (1959), for RGE, a compilation with songs selected from four records released by Maysa, Convite para Ouvir Maysa (1956), Maysa (1957), Convite para Ouvir Maysa Nr. 2 (1958) and Convite para Ouvir Maysa Nr. 3 (1958). These LPs are the four initial Maysa records, an amazing selection that should please Maysa fans and those ones who want to get along with Maysa first years.

Tracks include:

01 - Ouça (2)
02 - Meu Mundo Caiu (3)
03 - Por Causa de Você (3)
04 - Adeus (1)
05 - No Meio da Noite (3)
06 - Suas Mãos (4)
07 - Franqueza (2)
08 - O Que (2)
09 - Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Você (2)
10 - Resposta (1)
11 - Conselho (4)
12 - Felicidade Infeliz (3)

(1) Convite para Ouvir Maysa (1956)
(2) Maysa (1957)
(3) Convite para Ouvir Maysa Nr. 2 (1958)
(4) Convite para Ouvir Maysa Nr. 3 (1958)

3 Reply to "Maysa - Os Grandes Sucessos de Maysa (1959)"

tetedur on Tuesday, 06 February, 2007
Holy cow!!!! I have all these songs by Maysa, from all these lps, but the cover is just so amazing that it's worth having them all again just to have this lp and it's artwork. My g*d. Zecalouro and loronix, i love you.

Anonymous on Saturday, 10 February, 2007
probably this is the start of the end of lorenix like a share site, I just want to say thanks for your great job in the past months. and thanks to you i could discover another aspects of the rich bazilian music
gracias desde mexico

zecalouro on Saturday, 10 February, 2007
Hello Anonymous,
This initiative is exactly the opposite, it was build as part of a staged plan and comes to guarantee Loronix continuity. There are several arguments and some quality inside information that was used as criterion for this decision.
Thanks a lot! I really appreciate when someone says that Loronix helps to enlarge the understanding of Brazilian music, that is one of Loronix value propositions.
... and do not worry about the forthcoming months, I'm working to make them greater then the previous ones.
Cheers, zeca

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