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sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2011

Orquestra RCA Victor - Estereo-Samba (1961)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 22 de dezembro 2006.

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Perhaps this Christmas, I will try to make some research on Brazilian orchestras from the 50's and 60's held by recording companies, such as Orquestra RGE, Orquestra RCA Victor, etc. It is amazing that record labels kept their own orchestras to serve the maestro under contract. Additional details about this subject are greatly appreciated, specially these RCA and RGE Orquestras.

Naturally, we have another Orchestra LP to show, by the way, another wonderful Caetano Rodrigues release. This is Orquestra RCA Victor - Estereo-Samba (1961), for RCA Victor. This was the second album released by RCA Victor using Stereo Technology. You will find enclosed the back cover, with detailed information about the "new" system.

Maestro Zaccarias is in charge of Music Direction, while Maestro Nelsinho and Maestro Carioca are the LP arrangers; their participation is indicated on tracks.

Tracks include:

01 - Batuque no Morro (*)
02 - O Amor e a Rosa (*)
03 - Brigas Nunca Mais
04 - Aquarela do Brasil
05 - Meditacao
06 - Agora e Cinza
07 - Exaltacao a Bahia
08 - Samba de Uma Nota So (*)
09 - Rancho Fundo
10 - Ciume (*)
11 - E Com Esse que Eu Vou (*)
12 - Teleco Teco Nr. 2

(*) Tracks arranged by Maestro Nelsinho. Not indicated belongs to Maestro Zaccarias.

3 Reply to "Orquestra RCA Victor - Estereo-Samba (1961)"
Daniella Thompson on Friday, 22 December, 2006

'Estéreo-Samba' is the same album as 'Hi-Fi Samba,' which was released in 1961:

zecalouro on Friday, 22 December, 2006

Daniella Thompson,
Thanks a lot. That's why I did not find this LP at Jornal Musical, by the way, saves my day, everyday.
I'm updating the date.
Regards, zecalouro

Martin on Sunday, 24 December, 2006

There was a time, exactly before knowing this blog, that Brazilian music was only Carmem Miranda, now I know that it is just the best music in the world.
Thanks gentleman.

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