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segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014

Varios Artistas - Hits da Bossa Nova - Nr. 3 (1964)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 30 de abril 2007.
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Hello, Good Evening! There is a great excitement around a vinyl fair in Sao Paulo scheduled for tomorrow. I will spread my wings and fly away there just to check with Caetano what is new. Actually, we will really check what is old, what is new does not apply to this business. It will be amazing to meet Loronixers, I will be with Caetano, so it will be easy to realize who is zeca, otherwise, look for a green guy, naked, 15cm tall and barefoot with four fingers, two in the front and two in the back. That's zeca. I'm tired today and I need to start easy and great.

This is Varios Artistas - Hits da Bossa Nova - Nr. 3 (1964), for Philips. We had already a very successful Hits da Bossa Nova Philips compilation at Loronix, Number 1 was very well received by Loronixers. Thanks Cesar Saldanha for sending Nr. 3, featuring Jorge Ben, Tamba Trio, Os Cariocas, Bossa Rio and Sergio Mendes, Luiz Henrique and Meirelles e Os Copa 5.

Tracks include:

01 - Pula Baú with Jorge Ben "Jorge Benjor"
02 - Sonho de Maria with Tamba Trio
03 - Telefone with Os Cariocas
04 - Nanã with Bossa Rio / Sergio Mendes
05 - Vou Andar Por Aí with Luiz Henrique
06 - Vamos Embora (Uáu) with Jorge Ben "Jorge Benjor"
07 - Tristeza de Nós Dois with Tamba Trio
08 - Chove Chuva with Jorge Ben "Jorge Benjor"
09 - Noa Noa with Bossa Rio / Sergio Mendes
10 - Toc-toc with Luis Henrique
11 - Tem Dó with Os Cariocas
12 - Nordeste with Meirelles / Os Copa 5

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