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quarta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2012

Elis Regina - "Madalena" (1970)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 10 de abril 2007.

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Last year, I started a series of releases summarizing several Singles, EPs on a single posts. I would never make such think today, Singles and EPs were an essential part of an artist discography until the mid 80's and we need to approach them such like we do with regular LPs. Once in a while I will make some posts on this size, making really relevant peaks.

Such like this one. I had this EP. I cannot remember how it was gone. However I could get if back on good conditions and it is so good that I want to show it for Loronix friends.

This is Elis Regina - "Madalena" (1970), for Philips as 441.473. This EP includes two tracks that were only released on LP a year later at Ela, Madalena and Falei e disse. Unfortunately, I don't have Ela, so I cannot guarantee if both tunes were released such like presented here or recorded for Ela. This is "Elis Regina as a Glance", all tracks are wonderful. Arrangements by Maestro Erlon Chaves e Chico de Moraes. Tracks include:

01 - Madalena (Ivan Lins / Ronaldo Monteiro de Souza)
02 - Fechado Pra Balanço (Gilberto Gil)
03 - Falei E Disse (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
04 - Vou Deitar E Rolar (Paulo César Pinheiro / Baden Powell)

2 Reply to "Elis Regina - "Madalena" (1970) EP"

pawlyshyn on Tuesday, 10 April, 2007

Fechado Pra Balanço and Vou Deitar E Rolar are both on Em Pleno Verão (1970).

Beto Kessel on Tuesday, 10 April, 2007
Elis...simplesmente inesquecível..hors concours...

Link: veja o selo em cima

domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2012

Luiz Carlos - Samba Jovem (1965)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 04 de abril 2007.

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Hello, Good Evening! Let's start the day with this contribution from the great Sabadabada, the pioneer, holding the Brazilian music flag at the Internet since September 2004. zecalouro urges the new Loronix friends to take a time and visit Sabadabada ( to browser the pretty organized cover section and also check the nice albums available. Sabadabada always make unique contribution to Loronix and this one has the Sabadabada flavor, a widely unknown album recorded by an artist that I never heard before. Thanks Sabadabada.

This is Luiz Carlos Ismail - Samba Jovem (1965), for CBS, or just Luiz Carlos as the cover suggests. Luiz Carlos Ismail is a big charade, Googling his name, I could find only records with Luiz Carlos as composer, no consistent information about his albums and solo career. Luiz Claudio has the accompaniment of Conjunto CBS, also unknown, but makes a nice work as a Bossa Jazz combo at this album. Thanks once again, Sabadabada, any further information on this artist is appreciated.

Tracks include:

01 - Samba na Palma da Mão (Erasmo Carlos)
02 - Venham Cantar Meu Samba (Renato Correia / Donaldson Gonçalves)
03 - Samba da Criança (Erasmo Carlos)
04 - Sofres Demais (Dalmo Castello / Antônio Valente)
05 - Moleque Trinta (Erasmo Carlos)
06 - Espiral (Ivan Botticelli)
07 - Balança Menina (Renato Correia / Donaldson Gonçalves)
08 - Timbó (Erasmo Carlos)
09 - Balanço da Canoa (Dalmo Castello)
10 - Menino do Sertão (Erasmo Carlos)
11 - Última Mensagem (Dalmo Castello / Antônio Valente)
12 - Está na Hora (Hamilton)

3 Reply to "Luiz Carlos - Samba Jovem (1965) with Conjunto CBS"

jamil on Wednesday, 04 April, 2007
Coisa de primeira valews por mais este aqui. SR Samba Rock legal.

Jamil on Wednesday, 04 April, 2007
Voltei pra dizer que, Menino do Sertão é foda.

JAmil on Wednesday, 04 April, 2007
E se você prestar atenção vai ver que tem um pouco de coqueiro verde nela.


Various Artistas - Hits da Bossa Nova (1963)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 10 de abril 2007.

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This is the first out of five records released by Philips between 1963 and 1964 with the "hits" from the artists of Philips cast. What a cast! Hits da Bossa Nova is probably one of the best compilations I have ever seen. In spite of the nice repertoire selection, Hits da Bossa Nova features tracks never released on regular recordings, providing a guaranteed entertainment for starters and experienced collectors.

If you are new to Bossa Nova, you should take it.

This is Hits da Bossa Nova (1963), for Philips, featuring Tamba Trio, Sylvia Telles, Sonia Delfino, Carlos Lyra, Baden Powell, Lucio Alves and Sergio Mendes. You cannot go wrong with such selection.

Tracks include:


Tamba Trio
Sylvia Telles
Sonia Delfino
Carlos Lyra
Baden Powell
Lucio Alves
Sergio Mendes

Track List:

01 - Samba de Uma Nota Só – SYLVIA TELLES
02 - Desafinado – TAMBA TRIO
03 - Meditação – SONIA DELFINO
04 - Outra Vez – SERGIO MENDES
05 - Quem Quiser Encontrar o Amor – CARLOS LYRA (never released)
06 - Do Jeito Que a Gente Quer – BADEN POWELL
07 - Samba Triste – LUCIO ALVES
08 - Nós e o Mar – TAMBA TRIO
09 - O Amor e a Rosa – LUCIO ALVES
10 - Improviso Em Bossa Nova – BADEN POWELL
11 - Corcovado – SILVINHA TELLES
12 - Tristeza de Nós Dois – SERGIO MENDES
13 - O Barquinho – SONIA DELFINO
14 - Chora Tua Tristeza – CARLOS LYRA

5 Reply to "Varios Artistas - Hits da Bossa Nova (1963)"

Amblito on Tuesday, 10 April, 2007
Great stuff! Nice one! :)
I have volume 2 somewhere if you'd like a copy ripping.

zecalouro on Tuesday, 10 April, 2007
If you can make it on 320Kb with cover scans I will be pleased, as well Loronixers.

frank-oliver on Wednesday, 11 April, 2007
Hi Zeca,
I checked all the tracks on this record. All but two came from well kown Philips LP`s by these artists (Lyra`s "Quem quiser encontrar o amor" comes from his "Depois do Carnaval" LP). "Desafinado" by Tamba Trio comes not from one of their early LP`s, this must be a track from a single. "O Barquinho" by Sonia Delfino is not on her Philips album "Canta para a Mocidade", perhaps also a single- track.
Hits da Bossa Nova Vol.2 has two tracks by Luiz Henrique which are not from his Philips LP but from an early EP-Single. Unfortunaly my copy of this Lp is very scratchy. I hope you will get it with better quality.

zecalouro on Wednesday, 11 April, 2007
Thanks Frank-oliver,
I really thought this Lyra track was never issued on any media.
Don't be afraid about this copy, I found it on a very good condition.
Cheers, zeca

amblito on Wednesday, 11 April, 2007
I'm recording Hits da Bossa Nova 2 at the moment - the vinyl looks to be in excellent condition, sadly when I've played it there are a few clicks and pops.
I'll send it your way as soon as possible Zeca but I fear the clicks might be a bit too much. 


sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2012

Neco - Samba e Violao Vol. 2 (1968)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 07 de abril 2007.

I do not have a clue of what zecalouro is planning as the last post and I hope he makes the right choice, at least picking up a nice cover such like this one and the last one with the girl in front of a yellow background. Today seems to be the "beautiful cover" day at Loronix.

When I made available the first record of this wonderful Brazilian guitar player I would never realize that we would make three additional releases, all provided by Caetano Rodrigues, which I say thanks for sharing this rare Neco LPs.

This is Neco - Samba e Violao Vol. 2 (1968), for London. Little is known about this album, the back cover has just the same black and white picture of front cover with track list. What is known is Caetano's and zecalouro's opinion, which are both very positive with zeca saying that among the four Neco LPs he have heard, this is the best one. This is a very hard to find and an excellent album; we should thanks Caetano for making it available to our community on a really nice quality.

Tracks include:

01 - Andança (Danilo Caymmi / Edmundo Souto / Paulinho Tapajós)
02 - É Preciso Cantar (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
03 - Sabiá (Tom Jobim / Chico Buarque)
04 - Você Passa e Eu Acho Graça (Carlos Imperial / Ataulfo Alves)
05 - Despedida de Mangueira (Benedito Lacerda / Aldo Cabral)
06 - Canção do Amanhecer (Edu Lobo / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 - O Cantador (Dori Caymmi / Nelson Motta)
08 - Sonho de Lugar (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
09 - Helena Helena Helena (Alberto Land)
10 - Implorar (Kid Pepe / Germano Augusto / Gaspar)
11 - Retrato Em Branco e Preto (Tom Jobim / Chico Buarque)
12 - Chorinho A (Neco)

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quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2012

Jorge Autuori Trio - Ovalô (1969)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 03 de abril 2007.

Comentários originais incluídos.

Hello, Good Evening! I want to start today greeting the new friends arriving at Loronix today recommended by Ricardo Noblat, the owner and maintainer of what is considered the best political Brazilian blog, O Blog do Noblat. I feel very proud of being referred by such renowned journalist and I'm sure Loronixers also feel great to receive Noblat and his friends.

Brazilian friends are probably long time Blog do Noblat users and I urge our Loronix friends out of Brazil to make a visit to Blog do Noblat, using this address, here. (

Since we have new visitors, let's start the day showing a treasure that zecalouro kept secret for such special occasions, an album that is all about Loronix, Bossa Nova and wonderful enough to please everybody.

This is Jorge Autuori Trio - Ovalo (1969), for RCA Victor. Once again, little is known about Jorge Autuori, his Trio members and their further activities after releasing four albums for Mocambo, RCA Victor and Top Tape. Jorge Autuori is a top-notch drummer, recognized by his style very similar to Milton Banana, playing Bossa Nova such like drummers uses to make in the 60's.

Tracks include:

01 - Zazueira (Jorge Ben "Jorge Benjor") -- Que Pena (Jorge Ben "Jorge Benjor") -- País Tropical (Jorge Ben "Jorge Benjor")
02 - Ai Que Saudades da Amélia (Ataulfo Alves / Mário Lago) -- Laranja Madura (Ataulfo Alves) -- Na Cadência dos Samba (Ataulfo Alves / Paulo Gesta)
03 - Aquele Abraço (Gilberto Gil)
04 - Modinha (Sergio Bittencourt)
05 - Cantiga de Errante (Rildo Hora / Heitor Quintella)
06 - Sentado à Beira do Caminho (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
07 - Na Baixa do Sapateiro (Ary Barroso) -- Pra Machucar Meu Coração (Ary Barroso)
08 - Casa de Bamba (Martinho da Vila) -- O Pequeno Burguês (Martinho da Vila)
09 - Bruzundunga (Édson Cavalcanti)
10 - Irene (Caetano Veloso)
11 - Menininha do Portão (Nonato Buzar / Paulinho Tapajós)
12 - Casaco Marrom (Danilo Caymmi / Guarabyra / Renato Correia)
13 - Canto Azul (Jorge Autuori / Édson Bastos)

4 Reply to "Jorge Autuori Trio - Ovalo (1969)"

kinoterra on Tuesday, 03 April, 2007
Batida muito gostosa.Faz lembrar Milton Banana sim.

Bossa Joe on Wednesday, 04 April, 2007

jamil on Wednesday, 04 April, 2007
Caracas Zeca
Simplesmente Fodastico.
Aquele Abraço matou
I love Brazilian Music

bossanov on Monday, 09 April, 2007
Hi, Zeca!
IMHO, personnel on Ovalo: Jorge Autuori (dr), Rildo Hora (g), Edson Frederico (p), Edson Bastos (b), Zé Da Cuica (perc), unkn (voc), Guerra Peixe (arr).


terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012

Carnaval Copacabana 1955


Uma colaboração com o carnaval 2012 na ultima hora do Rádio Forma & Elenco

Carnaval Copacabana de 1955


1- Maria Escandalosa - Black Out
2- Judas - Jorge Veiga
3- O Choro Do Bebê - Orlando Silva
4- Não Vou Morrer - Jorge Veiga
5- Tem Nego Bebo Aí - Carmen Costa
6- Vou Gargalhar – Jackson do Pandeiro
7- Tira Essa Mulher Da Minha Frente - Jorge Veiga
8- Recordar - Gilberto Alves

Escuta as músicas aqui >>>>>>>>>>

As letras das músicas:


segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2012

Dick Farney - Um Piano ao Cair da Tarde (1974)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 29 de março 2007.

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I was not planning to show friends another Dick Farney today. I was pretty tired and decided to take a nap one hour ago listening this album. It is beautiful. I never heard this Dick Farney, recommended by cvllos a couple of days ago. So I decided to make it, since I want to write about it with the same feelings and good vibrations I had in the last 35 minutes while listening.

This is Dick Farney - Um Piano ao Cair da Tarde (1974), for Odeon, featuring Dick Farney and piano, only, performing a repertoire of American standards. What can I say? Once again, self-explanatory. Everything works fine with this instrumental Dick Farney album, followed by Um Piano ao Cair da Tarde Vol. 2, that I'm looking for months. Additionally, a music video is included with Dick Farney at one of his most successful interpretations, Alguem Como Tu (Jose Maria de Abreu / Jair Amorim). Dick Farney is really essential.

Tracks include:

01 - Tenderly (J. Lawrence / W. Gross)
02 - As Time Goes By (H. Hupfeld)
03 - The Man I Love (Ira Gershwin / George Gershwin)
04 - All Te Things You Are (Kern / O. Hammerstein II)
05 - The More I See You (H. Warren / M. Gordon)
06 - I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You (Bassman / Washington)
07 - Moonglow (W. Hudson / De Lange / I. Mills)
08 - Laura (J. Mercer / D. Raksin)
09 - Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen / E. J. Harburg)
10 - What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (Michel Legrand / A. Bergman / M. Bergman)
11 - Misty (Errol Garner / J. Burke)
12 - The Shadow Of Your Smile (J. Mandel / Paul Francis Webster)
13 - Here's That Rainy Day (J. Burke / J. Van Heusen)

Reply to "Dick Farney - Um Piano ao Cair da Tarde (1974)"

g picanco on Thursday, 29 March, 2007
Dick Farney é a cara do Loronix.
Por que não torná-lo patrono?
Assim como Caxias para o Exército e Emilinha para a Marinha.
Ela não é?
É madrinha?
É quase a mesma coisa.

Mauro R.V. on Thursday, 29 March, 2007
Eu não perdia esse programa! Todo dia no final da tarde o radio estava ligado na Eldorado AM para ouvir "Um piano ao cair da tarde".
Bons tempos! :-)

Refer on Thursday, 29 March, 2007
A Madrinha da Marinha? Acho que não. Vê aí, Emilinha era 'A Favorita da Marinha'..., ou estou enganado? Sou mais a Marlene, 'A Favorita da Aeronáutica'.
Proponho Dick Farney para 'patrono' e Leny Eversong para 'matrona' do Loronix. Que tal?
Um piano ao cair..., tudo bem. Desde que não seja sobre mim.

cvllos on Thursday, 29 March, 2007
Esse "cara" foi o MAIOR pianista brasileiro de MPB e jazz.
Ainda está prá nascer um que se iguale! Só isso!
Só lamento que Dick nao tenha seguido carreira semelhante àquela do Bonfá, seu contemporaneo.
Aí, meu amigo...Seu reconhecimento seria mundial!
Zeca, vai ser dificil vc "moderar" minha admiraçao pelo "cara"!

g picanco on Thursday, 29 March, 2007
Vai ser difícil 'moderar' a admiração de todos nós.
E acho que a Emilinha era a 'Favorita', sim.
Leny Eversong como 'matrona"? perfeito.
Agora só falta o mascote.
Mas, tirando as brincadeiras, DF era um senhor pianista. Como foi o Nat King Cole. Com o seu King Cole Trio. Vozes macias, envolventes.

Fábio Dias on Thursday, 29 March, 2007
É uma pena que um pianista/cantor como Dick Farney tenha morrido no ostracismo, esquecido na sua casa na represa Billings em São Paulo.

JustBeto on Thursday, 29 March, 2007
A abertura do programa era uma ótima interpretação de Serenade in Blue, mas não me lembro o nome do pianista ... não era daqueles badalados não.
Uma curiosidade sobre DF: ele dizia ter sido dele a primeira gravação de Tenderly.
Pô, cvllos, nosso gosto musical anda meio parecido.

Refer on Friday, 30 March, 2007
Não era DF que dizia ter feito a gravação original de 'Tenderly'...
Diziam, isso sim, que DF havia feito a 1ª gravação VOCAL de 'Tenderly'. Mas nem isso é verdade, até onde sei.

Anonymous on Monday, 02 April, 2007
Caro Loronix.
Com este disco, o Sr. Farnésio Dutra e Silva mostra que além de ótimo cantor, era excelente pianista. Interpretações belíssimas de clássicos jazísticos que, se fosse gravado por qualquer artista do hemisfério norte, ganharia fama, Grammy e outras baboseiras; e também, muito dinheiro.
É lamentavel que um país que produziu obras como esta e outras divulgadas em seu "blog", seja massificado por sertanojos, ashés e afins.
Parabéns pelo primeiro aniversário, que é no mesmo mês do meu, e proponho que seja feita uma campanha para que o "blog" seja transformado em museu vivo do som da cultura popular brasileira.


Heatlie and His Orchestra - Bossa Nova - But Beautiful (1966)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 28 de março 2007.

Comentários originais incluídos

Today we will have great surprises and this is the first one. It is not necessary to say that Caetano Rodrigues is the friend behind it. I'm thrilled to share this album with Loronixers. For the first time, Caetano sends us an International Bossa Nova pill and I cannot find bio or more relevant information, even browsing the giant All About Jazz and All Music Guide. I hope someone can make better than myself. The other surprise is the album itself, nice Bossa Nova standards renditions with some tunes that were certainly being used as incidental music, they sound very familiar. Let's see.

This is Art Heatlie and His Orchestra - Bossa Nova - But Beautiful (1966), for Philips. As I said, litte is known about Art Heatlie. So far, I could search he was born in South Africa, being a respectful orchestra arranger and conducer, also leading Jazz big bands. Caetano probably has additional information about Art Heatlie, meanwhile stay with Bossa Nova, certainly really beautiful.

Tracks include:

01 - The Girl from Ipanema
02 - Serenata
03 - Meditation
04 - Take me to Aruanda
05 - Green Dolphin Street
06 - Agua de Beber
07 - Michelle
08 - This Time the Dream's on Me
09 - One Note Samba
10 - The Shadow of Your Smile
11 - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
12 - Watch What Happens

2 Reply to "Art Heatlie and His Orchestra - Bossa Nova - But Beautiful (1966)"

g picanco on Thursday, 29 March, 2007
Zeca, com um Caetano carregadinho de surpresas você terá de fazer um outro blog só para as gravações internacionais de Bossanova. Acredito que ainda tem muita coisa gravada pelos nossos músicos por aqui e que ainda não foi postada. Raridades, peças de colecionador, documentos ou mesmo amenidades. Caetano, me desculpe. Mas esse não tem capa no Livro.
Se formos pensar em colocar tudo que se fez lá fora - bom ou ruim - com o rótulo de Bossa Nova aqui, vai ser um Deus nos acuda. Todos tem sempre alguma coisa que nos emociona. Mas ainda prefiro ver chegando aquelas "novidades" que perdemos o contato.

freddydwight on Thursday, 29 March, 2007
have no idea where you found this one, m8. it is SO obscure. :'P tyvm.



domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2012

Dom Salvador, vai ser o homenageado da escola de Samba Grasifs de sua terra natal, Rio Claro, SP

Nosso correspondente especial no Brasil, Leo Ribeiro jr. informa...

"Ola Martoni, amigos da Europa e frequentadores do Forma & Elenco. Com muito prazer informo a todos que o musico, compositor e arranjador Dom Salvador, vai ser o homenageado da escola de Samba Grasifs de sua terra natal, Rio Claro (SP)

Dom Salvador ja esta no Brasil e amanhã (domingo) vai participar do desfile cujo enredo é todo em sua homenagem.
O samba composto em sua homengem é : "O Samba é seu, Dom!", de autoria do renomado sambista Xixa;

Em recente entrevista a imprensa local, Salvador se disse muito emocionado com a homenagem e tambem sua esposa mariá que até chegou as lágrimas ao ouvir o samba cantado especialmente para eles no último domingo.

Uma justíssima homenagem a este grande expoente da música brasileira, que com sua técnica e sensibilidade musical ajudou (e ajuda) a colocar o nome do Brasil e de sua terra natal (rio claro) nos historia da qualidade musical mundial.

Quem quizer acompanhar o desfile da escola de samba Grasifs neste domingo com a presença do Dom Salvador, pode acessar os sites: ou , este endereços prometem transmitir ao vivo os desfiles deste domingo, a partir das 20 horas (horario de Brasilia).

E tem trabalho novo de Salvador, o cd "The Art of Samba Jazz" com um sexteto da pesada, semana que vem dou detalhes deste cd do grande Dom. Abraço a todos.

Leo Ribeiro Jr "

Leo Ribeiro Jr, Dom Salvador e sua esposa Mariá

Dom autografando o Livro Bossa Nova e outras Bossas (Do Charles Gavin e Caetano Rodrigues)

Dom autografando sua pagina no mesmo livro

quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2012

Carlos Monteiro de Souza e Seu Conjunto - Pra Frente (1968)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 23 de março 2007.

Comentários originais incluídos

Hello! Good Night. I'm happy with the idea of showing Loronixers how easy is to make comments. The best ideas are those that come out of the blue. I think that less the 10% of Loronixers could watch the video already, and so far we have comments from friends that never had the chance to write before. Thanks for supporting the ideas of this crazy parrot.

Let's start the day with an album that has been here for a long time and I could only remember with the help of Quimsy, the mighty owner and maintainer of Quimsy at

This is Carlos Monteiro de Souza e Seu Conjunto - Pra Frente (1968), for Parlophone, featuring Maestro Carlos Monteiro de Souza with no orchestra this time, but accompanied by a combo. Little is know about this LP from the nice Parlophone label with their easy to identify albums with the big P on cover. Caetano will be pleased with this post, although the chance of this record been missed from his great collection is less than 0,5%.

Tracks include:

01 - Estamos Aí (Maurício Einhorn / Durval Ferreira / Regina Werneck)
02 - O Cantador (Dori Caymmi / Nelson Motta)
03 - Carolina (Chico Buarque)
04 - Samba do Avião (Tom Jobim)
05 - Roda (Gilberto Gil / João Augusto)
06 - Linhas Cruzadas (Roberto Menescal)
07 - Samba de Verão (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
08 - Tim Dom Dom (João Mello / Codó)
09 - Manhã de Primavera (Adilson Godoy)
10 - Travessia (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
11 - Mancada (Gilberto Gil)
12 - Sambou Sambou (João Mello / João Donato)

3 Reply to "Carlos Monteiro de Souza e Seu Conjunto - Pra Frente (1968)"

jamil on Friday, 23 March, 2007
Coisa fina Zeca
destaque para:
Tim Dom Dom
Sambou Sambou

bossanovadreamer on Saturday, 24 March, 2007
Good Saturday Zeca,
I am really surprised with this nice album I only had known by cover before-
Very fine that you posted it.
Best wishes

zecalouro on Saturday, 24 March, 2007
Hello Tom,
I was also surprised. I thought this one was gone on that defective HDD, thanks Quimsy who remembers it and some hard work of activate old backups.
It's great indeed.
Cheers, zeca


L.A. Transit - DeNovo (1986)

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 21 de março 2007.

Comentários originais incluídos.

Here we go again on another international release provided by Caetano Rodrigues. Actually, I think this is not exactly International, let's say it is a mix of Brazilian and International musicians assembled as a group to release this album, by the way, very hard to track information at the internet. My searches always felt on Los Angeles Transit department. It does not matter much, the little I known about it is enough to urge Loronixers to go jump on it.

This is L.A. Transit - DeNovo (1986), for Interface (Japan). Taking a DJ vocabulary, I would say this is a nice lounge jazz elevator music vibe and groove music. I think is much more, it is such a party of renowned musicians, such as Oscar Castro Neves, Jose Marinho, Tom Scott, Gracinda Leporace, Paulinho da Costa, Alex Acunha and others, making a record for fun accompanied by a trio of female voices that really makes the difference. Check personnel and do not miss this one.

Tracks include:

Track List:
01 - Mas que Nada
02 - Wave
03 - Zazueira
04 - How Insensitive
05 - Muito Mais
06 - Agua de Beber
07 - Pretty World
08 - Anything can Happen
09 - Summer Without You
10 - Tristeza

9 Reply to "L.A. Transit - DeNovo (1986)"
Thomas on Wednesday, 21 March, 2007

Great choice! I've enjoyed this disc for years. I think the songs & musicians definitely trascend the glossy 1980's production values. This was apparently a collection of artists brought together especially for this recording. In case anyone cares, here are the songwriting credits for the 3 new songs:
Muito Mas: Regina Werneck/Yutaka Yokokura
Anything Can Happen: Kate Markowitz/John Vester/Daihachi Kojima
Summer Without You: Lani Hall!!!/Yutaka Yokokura

g picanco on Wednesday, 21 March, 2007
E com a Gracinha Leporace - que deixou sua carreira de lado e se tornou a mulher do Sergio Mendes -, cantando.

Mr B on Thursday, 22 March, 2007
great personel.. can't wait to get it in my ipod.
cheers king zeca

eiko on Friday, 23 March, 2007
Hi, I was familiar with these Japanese guys and a story about this album. They are enthusiasts of brasilian music and wanted to create an album like Sergio Mendes without Sergio. Recently, Yutaka was touring around the world as a member or Sergio's "Timeless" band.

Jamil on Saturday, 24 March, 2007
Mais um Samba Rock Embutido e rodando por ai

electrovybe on Saturday, 27 December, 2008
Fantastico e obrigada Loronix !
Great project with an AllStar-cast of musicians and singers.
Saludos !

Anonymous on Thursday, 09 April, 2009
Just wanted to thank you for posting this album. Great music!!
I love all the music by Yutaka, and this is one of the best.

Joaquino on Thursday, 23 April, 2009
Thanks for this album!

Anonymous on Friday, 18 September, 2009

. .

domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2012

Solar Trio - Solar Trio

Originalmente postado no Loronix em 18 de março 2007.

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Hello, Good Night! I decided today to make something that I like most, sleep. Yes, who does not like to sleep is not telling the truth, sleeping is great, but it is like a dope, the more you sleep the more you want to sleep. Actually, I use to sleep less than 5 hours daily; it is part of my nature. Physicians says that does not matter how long do you sleep, but the quality of your sleeping; it is better sleep 4 hours like a bear than 12 like a bird.

Anyway, before you fall asleep, let's start this Sunday night with another awesome Caetano Rodrigues contribution. Caetano brings this time a Brazilian instrumental trio that I never heard before, unknown and solid, a very nice record that alone worth all this night here.

This is Solar Trio - Solar Trio (no date), for independent production. Above the average instrumental piano, bass, drums music by Solar Trio. I could not make successful searches on gathering information about this album. However, I could find another record by Solar Trio and personnel was included, as follows: Bebeto (piano), Jaime Pladevall (drums) and Ze Alexandre (bass). Looking the back cover, I could find a telephone number; it belongs to Campinas, a city at Sao Paulo state. If anyone knows more about Solar Trio, please write us. Tracks include:

01 - Bonita
02 - Muito
03 - Bye Bye Brasil
04 - Manha de Carnaval
05 - Tristeza de Nos Dois
06 - Notas Bach
07 - Chora Coracao
08 - Antigo Nada
09 - Lisa
10 - Trilhos Urbanos
11 - Canto Triste
12 - Imagem
13 - Outra Vez

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bossanovadreamer on Monday, 19 March, 2007
A ver fine Trio album I never heard about before- I always feel like the albumcover when I hear Caeatn's albums- like the sun...
Muito obrigado

budi garcia on Tuesday, 20 March, 2007
What a surprise!
Solar Trio is the first of two or three albums, maybe 1989 or 1990. Bebeto's "Piano Solo" is another really great one.
They are some of my very close musician friends.
Good surprise. I'll tell them this.

freddydwight on Wednesday, 21 March, 2007
Jaime Pladevall (drums)
Bebeto von Buettner (piano)
José Alexandre Carvalho (acoustic bass)
very good selection. tyvm. on Thursday, 22 March, 2007
o ze alexandre eh meu primo e se vc quiser + informacoes sobre o trio me escreva que eu pergunto a ele. abs!

zecalouro on Thursday, 22 March, 2007
Obrigado pela dica.
Quando você tiver a oportunidade, diga ao Zé Alexandre que o disco dele está aqui, e que ele apareça para nos conhecer quando sobrar um tempinho.
Grande Abraço, zeca


Sambacana - VI Sambacana | Praca da Savassi (1979)

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Gentleman, what a nice work I had right now with Trix, a Loronixer from Minas Gerais, my favorite state in Brazil, first place is Rio de Janeiro, of course. We worked together exchanging more than 50 emails to decide for this post. I have to admit that Trix put some passion on top of it. This record is all about Minas Gerais and Belo Horizonte. Anyway, thanks Trix for supporting this crazy and painful process, I'm sure Loronixers will have a lot to tell about this LP.

This is Sambacana - VI Sambacana
Praca da Savassi (1979), no label. Trix said this LP is a very limited release made commercially available only in Minas Gerais. Sambacana is lead by Pacifico Mascarenhas, which is a group that you already know at Loronix with some previous releases. Loronix Find It is the right place look for earlier Sambacana releases at Loronix. Well. It's late down here, Trix has disappeared with the additional info and he will probably give us tomorrow some inside information about this session. Tracks include:


Pacifico Mascarenhas

Helvius Vilella
(piano, arrangements)

Juarez Moreira

Ezequiel Lima

Rubinho and Braguinha

Sorry, Trix is back to correct the release date. He also said that Praca da Savassi is a great spot in Belo Horizonte, the right place to see the beautiful girls from Minas Gerais. Thanks Trix.

Track List

01 - Amo Voce
02 - Poderia Escrever um Livro
03 - Serenata
04 - Demolicao
05 - Praca da Savassi
06 - Leva-me pra Lua
07 - Rio de Janeiro
08 - Outras Noites Assim
09 - Ferias
10 - Eu Gosto Mais do Rio
11 - Da Sua Propria Voz
12 - Se Eu Tivesse Coragem
13 - Dancando com Voce
14 - Nosso Amor nao deu Certo

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martín on Thursday, 08 March, 2007
Estimadísimo Zecalouro, escribí una nota sobre su blog que espero le guste. La puede consultar aquí:
Lo saludo desde Argentina.
Martín, loronixer de la primera hora.
PD: Gracias por la música!

zecalouro on Thursday, 08 March, 2007
So I found the author of this awesome review of 48 Hours of Jobim at Loronix.
What a coverage, friend. Thanks a million.
I will include the Radio Zombie at Loronix blogroll.
Cheers, zeca

freddydwight on Thursday, 08 March, 2007
Zecalouro, m8, do you think your friend Caetano has this one?
Os Poligonais - Novas Ideias

zecalouro on Thursday, 08 March, 2007
Hello Freddydwight,
This is already at Loronix. Check Loronix Find It and Quick Search for Poligonais. You will find both albums.
Cheers, zeca